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DLA to PIP 6 months 2 days ago #219754

Thank you Gordon. I’m still unclear, what’s the difference between reassessment and renewal ?

DLA to PIP 6 months 2 days ago #219767

bin it wrote: Thank you Gordon. I’m still unclear, what’s the difference between reassessment and renewal ?

There's not a lot of difference now, a reassessment will use an AR1 review form whereas it will be a PIP2, the criteria is the same and with the new version of the AR1 there is actually not much to choose on the process.

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DLA to PIP 6 months 7 hours ago #219884

Now I’ve had time to read/reread the assessment report. I’m over retirement age and transferring DLA to PIP, so no matter how much worse I get, I can’t be uprated so to speak, from whichever the DM chooses now. What’s your opinion on writing to DM now, asking for a longer
review period ? The HP said a year because I have the scope to deteriorate, but I think, correct me if I’m wrong, it won’t make any difference in the future to my award because of my circumstances. I value your opinion. TIA

DLA to PIP 5 months 4 weeks ago #219909

bin it

If you are over State Retirement Age then your current Mobility award cannot be increased even if you meet the criteria for the Enhanced level.

The DWP will not re-visit the length of your award without an MR, are you prepared to request one?

I'm afraid I cant offer much advice about getting a longer award, we haven't seen many people do this, here on other forums, so I can't give you a realistic view of the likelihood of success, other than the DM is unlikely to extend the period so you will need to be prepared to go onto appeal.

You will need to provide medical evidence, general and specific to you, showing that your conditions are not likely to change for a period longer than the current three years, can you do this?


DLA to PIP 5 months 4 weeks ago #219938

Thanks for your input. I think it best I settle for what I have now. Like most others the stress and upset caused by trying to get the correct evidence is overwhelming. Even with inconvertible proof we’re still misunderstood, so much is down to another’s interpretation. I’m very deaf, yet it was stated I heard my name called from 6 metres away, I didn’t, I heard a voice and asked my husband is that for me ? She could’ve been selling coal for all I heard. I’ve had a skull MRI for this, provided copies of my hearing clinic book going back years, yet she still had to see my aids. Thanks for all you do, please take care of yourselves.

DLA to PIP 5 months 2 weeks ago #220552

Hi Gordon,
I know my HP assessment was with DWP 2 days after the appt. I have a copy. HP said I’d hear in 6 weeks, on the phone DWP was about to say 8 then said 10 weeks mid sentence seemingly from info on computer. Today got the usual letter, “ we now have info needed to make a decision”, which is just over 3 weeks since they got the assessment. I know this is a standard letter, but is it triggered by another part of the process ? eg a DM being allocated perhaps ?
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