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TOPIC: Data requests

Data requests 6 months 1 week ago #219122

Friday I got the official acknowledgement letter for my data request. It said that I had 1 month to reply to it or they will write my request off, they were telling me that they now had another 40 days to respond. They got my original request on 9th august. I also asked for scripts of my phone calls and they were asking in their letter for the times and dates of all my phone calls!!!!!! Surely they have all my calls on records because every time I have phoned up they were able to see that I had been calling regularly. The DWP are obviously employing delaying and avoiding tactics. I returned the form they sent me tonight asking primarily for all correspondence since my change from dla to pip and all comments and all decision makings and manual interventions including the face to face interview notes. I'm not happy at all. Please comment on my plight.

Data requests 6 months 1 week ago #219130


They may be making it difficult, it may simply be that those dealing with your request are overly officious but ultimately it doesn't really matter, their requests are unlikely to be seen as unreasonable by the ICO. The more work you make them do then the more opportunity they have to say that the request involves unreasonable costs to the DWP and cannot be serviced.


Data requests 6 months 1 week ago #219168

my info from the DWP right of access request came today (couldn't phone so just had to wait) so 75 days after online data request and 55 days after acknowledgement letter - just for information in case other people are waiting. Also WCA has been deferred for 2 years. It should have been April 2018 and I have been anxiously waiting - but computer now says April 2020 - so hopefully I should be OK until then - is that generally the case or could they review it and make it sooner?
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Data requests 6 months 1 week ago #219196

It looks like DWP has it's own timescale for dealing with data requests, regardless of legal guidelines. So add the 60 days they have already managed to delay my request to the new 40 day target and that makes 100 days in all !!!!!!!!!!
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Data requests 6 months 1 week ago #219236

Yes - it def looks like the acknowledgement letter is a well used delaying tactic - but at least the info. did eventually come - I hope yours come soon too.
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Data requests 6 months 1 day ago #219630

Hi Foxy, was the stuff they sent you helpful, ie timescales, reasons, text etc?
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