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TOPIC: AR1 and review . Assessment

AR1 and review . Assessment 5 months 1 week ago #220915

Never once stated I do not want a face to face review Gordon . I can’t understand we’re I gave that impression all I was really asking is the way they go about it and is it up to me to provide med evidence , even though they say they will send for it . Asessments are compulsory how could I not have one . I was given F2F at home without without asking . I think I have forgot to tell you was getting home assesment and never even asked . Apologies Gordon .

AR1 and review . Assessment 5 months 1 week ago #220931


If you are not bothered about having a face to face then you do not need to chase the GP but in your first post you did say that that the lady that first contacted you was trying to get the information to do a Paper Based Review.


AR1 and review . Assessment 5 months 1 week ago #221135

That was my point Gordon . On phone she said she might not need to have F2F yet 2 days later got PC to say could they come tomorrow. I said no , so I got medical records for my review assessment. So from they will apply for my records to assessment next day or early December .
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AR1 and review . Assessment 5 months 6 days ago #221242

Gordon I never stated I didn’t want review . You just can’t do that . I was phoned asked for inf then said they will contact gp . Two days later I got PCall to say that they are coming to house .you seem to not grasp this Gordon . I went to doctor and got medical records and a letter . The 2nd call wanted to come in the morning . The question was how can they go to we need your records to we are coming to your house . How in heavens earth do they do a 360% turn . I never even had to ask for home visit . The stress is too much . I have. Been very ill since I got seriously attacked and my lung collapsed and stabbed by my eye. The fundamental point is it seems they are not interested in you illness ,they want you off pip . I had rigourus medical by two nurses last time . I know they have to look for ungenune claims but it seems they don’t care Gordon how can they get away with this , am terrified of cold and keepheating on . It’s expensive but what can I do . Thanks Gordon .

AR1 and review . Assessment 5 months 6 days ago #221243


I do understand your situation, if you are not bothered about a home assessment then you do not have to worry about the GP letter although it may still help your claim.

I can't answer your question about why they offered a home assessment and then booked an appointment beyond what I have said in previous posts.


AR1 and review . Assessment 5 months 6 days ago #221245

Exactly Gordon . That is my point . I first call we want records to see if you don’t have to be seen .”THEN”. Two days later we are coming to house . TWO DAYS . is it possible that 2 different assessment nurses are not aware of each other . How can you say I don’t want one . That just wouldent happen with these people . Gordon I can’t believe the the way they just ruin people’s lives . They have a financial incentive and a political incentive to lie and give an assessment that is blatantly dishonest . “YET” nothing gets done .. They are not even qualified . This is a hostile, toxic tactic against the most vulnerable. Sorry Gordon for bit of rant . Reading posts is soul destroying. Take care Gordon .
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