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TOPIC: MR's - should I wait for the Assessor report first

MR's - should I wait for the Assessor report first 5 months 1 week ago #221032

My DLA to PIP claim has come back with 0 points and I know I have to do a Mandatory Review.
I spoke to a welfare person today and they said don't bother to wait for the Assessment form to come which I have requested just send you MR asap as it will go to appeal very few people get a reconsideration at MR. Just wondered if this is true as I get the impression from the forum there is some success at MR stage. Surely its more logical to wait and see the report? Or indeed should I just concentrate of where I feel I score points?

MR's - should I wait for the Assessor report first 5 months 1 week ago #221035


Revision rates at MR are low but they certainly happen, see


You need to decide on your strategy, you have two options.

- put effort into the MR, this may delay the process as the DM may refer information back to your assessor for comment, it also requires you to have a good understanding of how the Decision was made so you really need to see the assessment report. Best guess is 8 weeks.

- or, you can put minimal effort into the MR so you can request an appeal at the earliest opportunity, best guess is 4 weeks but it could be qiocker if you are lucky.

What I will say with the welfare person's advice is that with appeal waiting times rapidly approaching a year I am not convinced that missing the opportunity to get the Decision revised at MR makes sense,

That said, if the person you are getting advice from is properly trained then you should give their advice some weight and you also need to consider whether they will continue to support you if you do not follow their recommendation.

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MR's - should I wait for the Assessor report first 5 months 1 week ago #221063

Thanks for the Advice - I hear what you say re the support angle. I have already discovered the benefit in putting everything in writing in addition to phoning DWP because today (12/11) I have phoned them to double check if they had used any additional info to make the decision that they had obtained themselves - is so I was going to ask for a copy. The DWP person said NO and intimated they never do but then she went on to say that my call of the 8/11 had not been recorded! I have now put that in writing as I intended to do. Good start. Its like a bit of a game for the DWP and being ex civil servant I am shocked!
I will be going for a thoughtful MR but one further question. I the past I have put too much info and the Welfare Rights person has already suggested keep it to one page only. I could do that but I am inclined to perhaps contain myself to 2 typed A4 with some further supporting letters from past Medical history which cover points Decision maker mentioned. What are your thoughts on keeping the volume as minimal as possible?

MR's - should I wait for the Assessor report first 5 months 1 week ago #221092


People tend to waffle as they are composing their thoughts as they write, I know I can usually chop a 1/3 of an initial draft out, so I would encourage you to be concise where you, Also it can be helpful to follow the mantra of "tell them what you are going to tell them and then tell them", you probably don't need to tell them what you told them but ultimately, don't let worries about the length of your letter cause you to leave out vital information.

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