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TOPIC: PIP Assessment at home - some feedback

PIP Assessment at home - some feedback 10 months 4 weeks ago #221251

Hi, I had my assessment yesterday and just wanted to share a couple of things.
Firstly, I didn’t request a home visit, and I’m not clear why I got one. I was told my visit would be between 12 and 2 - the assessor rocked up at 2.40.
The main thing I wanted to share with those about to have their assessment is how often the assessor tried to trip me up (pardon the pun) with regards to how far I can walk. On my form I stated I could walk 20-50m.
My husband mentioned he’d taken me to the supermarket. The assessor asked how far I’d walked inside the shop. I told her maybe 10-20 meters and explained that I hadn’t been in a supermarket for several months.
Much later, we were discussing my hospital appointments. She asked where we park the car when we attend my appointments. I told her my husband drops me at the front door and I wait for him to park the car. She then asked how far from the front door the clinic was. I said about 20-30 meters. I also explained that we’d had to attend a different dept a few weeks ago and my husband had to get a wheelchair for me as it was some distance from the front door. Maybe I’m being paranoid, but it just felt like she was constantly testing me to see if I was walking further than I stated I could walk in my form.
We’ve bought some aids to help me around the house. Every time I told her about one, she asked if we’d bought it ourselves. I told her each time that yes, we had. I feel I’m getting enough from the NHS, and wouldn’t dream of bothering them for a long handled sponge or a walking stick! I explained this to her.
Finally, and this really does sound paranoid, she asked to use our loo. I’m convinced it was to check whether we did actually have a grab rail beside the loo, and that the sink was positioned in a way that I could use it to get in and out of the bath, as I’d said in my form.
Not sure what the outcome will be, but I feel I gave a true reflection of how life is for me. She did ask if I had a blue badge. I said no and she told me I really should apply for one. I thought you had to be in receipt of higher rate mobility to qualify for a blue badge, so that comment threw me a bit.
She tested my eye sight, flexibility and grip while she was here. She also asked to see me walk with my stick.

Hope these observations are helpful to others.
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