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TOPIC: Brown envelope.!!!

Brown envelope.!!! 1 week 2 days ago #225779

Hi I'm new on here, I'm hoping that by posting ,i.e. communicating with a relevant group it might help with my anxiety and fear that I seem to have to go through every year and in between!
I recently had a pip review, and face to face, I took my friend with me as I was quite worried, I have a personality disorder which can make me anxious and talk too much about stuff that's not appropriate in the face to face or not be able to talk at all., I did just this and waffled on ,my friend had to speak over me and prompt me with the questions, and I know that I've blown it and probably have to appeal, which is terrifying ,yes I have my doctor who knows me and understands why I should carry on receiving pip and she said that she would help if I had to appeal,
I have loads of other issues but I sort of look all right !! To the naked eye,
All this constant having to try and prove why I need my car, how I don't mix with People, how I don't eat or get dressed half the time and don t go out for weeks or go out in my car , to shop at night, in Tescos because I can't stand it day time .....and all other Stuff , sorry,
Any way it's been nearly three weeks since my interview, i dread the post, and this morning I got a Very thin brown envelope ,I couldn't open it .I phoned my friend but couldn't get an answer for her to be there when I opened it! I felt sick but had to open it anyway.Was really worried as it was one sheet i could feel it was so thin.and when it's to say you are awarded it it's two if three sheets, so anyway managed to get it open and it was just to tell me that they have got the information to decide and they'll let me know, :-0. Now just trying to calm down by writing this Sorry if it's not really right for this site ,I know that it a help looking on here ,I have found lot's of answers.
Does anyone else have the same sort of feelings and Stuff , wish I didn't have to claim anything from the DWP, it has become my whole life, focusing on my problems and I feel guilty for asking for money it's just i need it as through receiving it ,it helps as I can be at least independent in my personal life by having my car and using it to pay rent so I can live in a small home relatively private on an end terrace ,whereas in the council systems i was always on top of other people and it made me not cope or go out and feeling trapped and having to deal with People up close and I can't live like that .,and having this place has made me feel a bit okay for the first time in my life, ...I'm not young by a long chalk ,and have spent most of my life in a mess, till I was recently diagnosed with this personality disorder,then everything is starting to make sense slowly why I did what I did etc.to get through and try to fit in with society.anyways , this probably won't get posted,

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Brown envelope.!!! 1 week 1 day ago #225799


Welcome to the forum, you might want to have a look at the following FAQ which explains where everything is

Welcome to Benefits and Work

We are not really a conversational forum, members come here to ask questions about their benefits which the Moderators try to answer but I have no problem with your post and if members decide to respond then that is OK as well.

PIP Decisions are currently taking around 10 weeks from the date of the assessment.

Brown Envelope Syndrome is common with benefit claimants, I've had several PPI letters delivered in brown envelopes recently and heart sunk when I saw them on the mat.


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Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems

Brown envelope.!!! 1 week 1 day ago #225814

We a'll feel like this.thank you Gordon we have nowhere else to ask or help or listen

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Brown envelope.!!! 1 week 1 day ago #225822

rob wrote: Does anyone else have the same sort of feelings and Stuff

I absolutely know how you feel. I had the brown envelope with my report through yesterday. I'd been chasing it with the DWP so i knew it was coming. Stared at it all afternoon and finally opened it in the evening. You read so many horror stories that I was just expecting to see nil points but she was in fact quite fair. We just have to be strong but I do wonder if they really understand how much distress the process causes.

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