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ESA support group no change 2 years 9 months ago #226518

Dear B & W team,
many many thanks for your being here, your support and information are as always so valuable in fact it is life-saving, believe me. Its been a very long and stressful last few months, but I have finally been informed that I am to stay in the support group. Its hard to feel the relief when in just over a years time or so I will have to go through this all over again. I hope in a years time I will have gathered my strength back to prepare to fight again; I hate this prospect so much and am disgusted the way the disabled are treated in this manner and then left in bits in the aftermath, but I will never give up fighting them and I hope you won't too...

ESA support group no change 2 years 9 months ago #226530


Congratulations on extending your ESA award, well done. I'm sorry to hear that it is only for a year.


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ESA support group no change 2 years 9 months ago #226577

Thanks Gordon.
I assume a year from now as I think the last 18-month one ran out Oct-Nov 2018, but I had to wait for what felt like an eternity for them to agree to specific f2f appointment days/times with my support worker, not at the assessor's convenience. This started in October and wasn't sorted out till January, those 3 months were so stressful, us having to keep phoning them almost every day asking, well, have you got any of the slots available yet, to be told phone tomorrow phone tomorrow phone tomorrow, to also be told we are a small centre I needed to trek across the other side of town to a bigger centre who had slots even though that was impossible for me to do and they knew that & I flatly refused to do that, I felt they really were it seemed taking the...
and after the f2f which was a complete farce held in a centre that in no way caters for anyone with any disabilities at all it was shameful even the entrance was right on a zig zag line no word of a lie, then 2 days before my appointment they phoned letting me know the wrong date and then saying it had to be cancelled, I had a go at them and demanded they stick to the correct day and in no way were they going to cancel it, but when there, I felt so bad as the staff told 6 people in the waiting room their appointment was cancelled and they should go home waiting for another date how absolutely disgusting, I really felt for all those people, good grief if they'd done that to me I would have cracked and gone beserk after all the stress they had already put me though, but at the centre all rooms were empty and yet they forced us to go to the room furthest away it was so disgusting - but they picked on the wrong person, I'm just so angry at what crap they put me through, at least I wasn't asked any stupid questions, but if they had only read my paperwork I should never have been called up at all, I just don't understand if they had all the evidence why a f2f, what a complete waste of everyones time, then after that had to wait a few weeks before hearing the result, so I guess part of this 18 month stint has been used up and so I'm guessing this 18 month stint of which I have only just heard about, started when the last one ran out in oct/november 2018.
Even if it is 18 months from now, or from whenever, I still feel so disappointed because they know full well my complex chronic conditions will never improve and that I do not have any quality of life, it is just so annoying and degrading of them to only allow 18 months. Hey ho...
Just wish those who make the ultimate rules up would see sense and stop putting the genuine disabled through this unnecessary ordeal over and over so soon after the last one... maybe one day, eh....
cheers for listening to me waffle, sorry to go on ranting!! I hope though my rant helps others though in some way,
be strong, all
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