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TOPIC: Pip appeal and esa contribution based.

Pip appeal and esa contribution based. 2 months 1 week ago #227641

I am perplexed. I claim pip and what was dla since 2011 and no contribution based esa. I am currently arguing with the dwp about a potential over payment to me. I let the cap have access to my private pension providers as I am retired on medical ground since 2011. I send the cap the annual p60 every year when I get them which is late may. I am transparent as possible. I even send them a copy of any rise be it only 50 p a month. To my surprise the cap are accusing me of not letting them know on time. Add to that I am currently challenging the dwp on the level of living component they are saying I am not getting worse. Despite being called for a face to face only 4 weeks after having surgery - disability related. And I am having to go through surgery which will be over the next 3 years. So dwp say I haven't sent them information. So I asked for a copy of the digital records and paper records they had for esa. They sent me 800 pages of double sided copies. Also they sent me the pip\dla another 600 pages. To my surprise the oil say they do not keep specific records over 2 years that is why I had to apply again for pip and then again after 3 years. Their records date back to 2012. I was medically retired in 2011. BecAuse dwp say I haven't to an them information they have accused me of being fraudulent. Although I have copied with each request and when I have been late it has been because I have had surgery. It's a bit hard to think straight let alone deal with dwp complexities when drugged up with pain relief. I am not being paranoid that they dwp are targeting me. I won an appeal on behalf of my nephew when he had his dla taken away when he moved to pip he was on full do a mobility and then nothing. I spend days writing my sister's pip as she is a stroke victim. And try to manage my esa and pip. But is over 1000 pages of information of which copies of my previous applications and evidence is there. As I say I am perplexed. Add to boot I can only function for about 2 hours before becoming fatigued. She'd loads of chronic pain relief. Seems to me the government puts so many barriers in the way. Guessing my main question is is the enormous amount of intrusive information really justifiable.

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Pip appeal and esa contribution based. 2 months 1 week ago #227650


I'm afraid this is down to you showing the DWP that you notified them of your pension and continued to do so each year and when your payments changed.

First, is your pension more than £85/week? If it isn't then your ESA(CB) would not be affected and there would be no overpayment.

Do you have any proof of delivery for your letters? Or at least a proof of posting?

Do you have copies of the letters that you sent?

Have the DWP ever acknowledged your pension?

Were you receiving your pension when you claimed ESA? If you were did you record it on the ESA1 that you would have had to complete when you made the claim? Do you have a copy of this?

You might be better off getting face to face advice, a trained advisor will be able to liaise with the DWP on your behalf, something we cannot do on the forum. Do an internet search for "welfare advice" with your postcode, town or county.


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Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems

Pip appeal and esa contribution based. 2 months 5 days ago #228072

Thank you. I have paperwork dating back to 2011. Just a case of trawling through years of paper!! mammouth task. Thank you for your help

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