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TOPIC: Advice with social anxiety ESA contribution based

Advice with social anxiety ESA contribution based 2 months 1 week ago #227735

Really need some advice please.
I’ve suffered from generalised and social anxiety panic attacks depression for over 10 years and have been on esa CB!
The last award was won at written tribunal! A few years ago.
After a medical assessment in which the HCP didn’t state what I actually said in the assessment.
Hence I’m really worried this time!

I’m not sure how to word things well!
I rarely go out and if I do it’s early in the morning to the top of my street! With my teenage child! If I i really have to go to the local shop it’s self service in and out! But that’s rare! My wife picks up meds! I avoid waiting in lines like the plague due to not coping in crowds being shut in sweating panicking...
I avoid most family gatherings & friends stopped asking years ago as I’d always have an excuse not to attend anything. I’ve missed 3 funerals in the last year
I’m just at home most of the day bar 30 mins life’s crap to be honest but it’s how I cope!
I’ve put on weight and developed diabetes ( I even avoided my 3 monthly blood tests because they moved where bloods to further away (my Doctor is 4 mins from my house) were taken for a year!! And only went cause I managed to get a spedific time early and no waiting in crowded room.

Due to lack of going out/movement weight gain I’ve got a really problem with slipped discs ( I’ve never claimed esa for this)
The last year I’ve slipped my discs 5 times! Pain is excruciating and usually takes 5/6 weeks to feel better although I’m always in pain with it now.Docs ordered another mri but I can only get there if someone takes me which I’ve arranged 7:30am first appointment.
The problem is I can’t really sit anymore as it’s the bend that causes the disc to herniate! I’ve been told not to bend forward by physios and actually slipped my disc with a physio 4 years ago! The gave me gentle exercises and said that’s the most they can do!

I’m not sure how I word things I’m worried sick!!
Do I just stay with the not engaging with social contact or put in my issue with continued back pain??

I can’t get an appointment with my gp for a few weeks and they’ve basically left me anti depressants beta blockers for years on end. Truth is when my back goes I either use older meds from previously or call my docs and they email my chemist with the meds
I tied counciling and psychologist but it didn’t work
Do I put down physical problems or mental health issues I’ve suffered with for years?

I’m struggling and only have 8 days left to send the form back!

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Advice with social anxiety ESA contribution based 2 months 1 week ago #227743


Have a look at our ESA Claim guides, they explain the criteria you are being asked to meet and also how to phrase your answers in relation to your various conditions.


If you have any specific questions then please reply to this post and I will do my best to help.


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Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems
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