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TOPIC: PIP MR or not?

PIP MR or not? 2 months 1 week ago #227775

Hi all,

I have just been moved from DLA to PIP, and have my decision today. I was on Higher Care & Lower Mobility on DLA, and now have been awarded the Standard rate for both. I am happy with the length of the award, and the Mobility side, but feel the care should be Enhanced rate. I scored 11 points, so only 1 off of the 12 needed for Enhanced.

I have the assessor's report, and feel she did a good job and that I agree with it, but one area I feel she didn't fully understand or maybe I didn't explain well
There is also an area where i'm not sure if it'd make any difference

So, activity 2: Taking Nutrition . . . I scored 0. I am wondering if d. needs prompting to take nutrition would apply? I don't eat meals due to mental health problems, but do binge eat once a day. Obviously I CAN eat and do, but then I don't have meals or eat more than once a day due to no motivation and my issues with going out to buy in food (have takeaways a lot)

Also, Activity 9. Engaging with others face to face . . I scored b (can't remember points) but feel it should be d Overwhelming psychological distress

I have Borderline/Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder, and I feel the assessor didn't fully understand it isn't anxiety, but the fact that one comment from someone can cause me to have such a reaction that I need antipsychotics and can self harm etc and there is a substantial risk of harm to myself, not to others.

I can let the first go, but feel very strongly that I need more than prompting, as I generally avoid people as much as I can and even take steps online to keep from being triggered, thoughts please?

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PIP MR or not? 2 months 1 week ago #227795


You should make your arguments for Taking nutrition but I think you will struggle to score. I can only go by what you have posted but there seems to be a contradiction that you need prompting but then binge eat once a day? Do you get the prompting and what would happen if you didn't?

Is the binge eating the result of a diagnosed condition?

There doesn't appear to be any Case Law that covers this situation so you are stuck with the Descriptors and DWP guidance as they are.

As to Engaging with others. The obvious thing to think about is how you handled yourself during the assessment? Whilst this would not be the social situation required by the activity if you had no problem talking to the assessor during the interview then it will undoubtedly count against you.

You say that you can have a reaction to people talking to you, how often does this occur, you need be affected in this way on the majority of days, can you show this?

You are trying to score the maximum points for this activity so there will be an expectation of considerable disability.


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