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PIP MR. HP told us to appeal. Do we mention it ? 2 years 7 months ago #228509

I have been a lurking member since October last year and have found this site and the contributions of others so helpful for my DLA to PIP assessment, so thank you to all.
I'm not familiar with making forum comments so I hope my question is one allowed under the rules of this forum but .....I don't know whether we should include in the MR submission the strange comment made by the HP at the end of her visit ?.
As seems the case with so many others, the award decision has ignored much of the evidence submitted by my wife's Neurologist, MS specialist nurse and OH advisor in their reports so we will appeal once we can get past the overwhelming urge to give up !.
The quandary is whether we should include the HP's verbal comments at the end of the home visit assessment as there is nothing to prove what she said which was..."I really shouldn't tell you this but when you receive the outcome you should appeal." She said she was very sorry and with that she was gone. When we received a copy of the HP's report, we understood why she apologised as, while some of the report accurately reflects the assessment, there are quite a few omissions, conflicting statements and frankly lies about what was said which looks to us to have been deliberate to construct a score of 11 for Daily Living and 10 for Mobility with the award made for just under 4 years.
While grateful to have been awarded something, we believe the evidence supports a high award for both and for the maximum award period allowed. The question is, would including the HP's comment in the MR submission be of any help or would it be better left out as would be viewed as hearsay?. Was she trying to be helpful or was she preparing us for disappointment because she knew what she had put in her report was wrong ?

Any advice would be much appreciated and thank you in advance.

PIP MR. HP told us to appeal. Do we mention it ? 2 years 7 months ago #228554


Welcome to the forum, you might want to have a look at the following FAQ which explains where everything is

Welcome to Benefits and Work

I wouldn't bother with the assessor's comment, it would just be a "he said, they said" situation and won't lead to you scoring higher even though it implies you were underscored. You will only receive a higher award by showing that you meet the criteria and undermining the conclusions that say that you don't.

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