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TOPIC: Autism and PIP

Autism and PIP 9 months 1 week ago #230324

Hi. I've just had my PIP reduced after a renewal assessment, form enhanced daily and standard mobility, down to standard daily, only.
I've claimed for a few years with depression and anxiety, and have recently been diagnosed with autism, pathological demand avoidance, and sensory processing disorder.
I provided good evidence of this, and I'm told, but I don't understand that sensory processing issues are very disabling.
I want to mention two of the descriptors in this post, cooking, and journey planning.
I explicitly told the assessor that I only eat prepared salad pots, and microwave ready meals, and that I don't eat anything that requires any prep (even toast).
This should get me eight points, but the decision maker has given me two points for 'needs prompting.'
I don't know if the DM has decided that I've lied, or that my lack of cooking isn't due to disability.
I'm sure with my various issues, that at least on would account for my intense anxiety at the thought of cooking, or actual cooking. My occupational therapist told me that Sensory Processing Disorder would explain my absent minded accidents in the past, when I caused fires and floods. However, I can't personally explain this to the DWP, as I don't fully understand it.
The other descriptor which I scored zero for was journey planning.
I told the assessor, that I haven't left my home unaccompanied since before Christmas, and that was a short walk to my doctors.
The DM has decided, however that I have no problems with travelling.
They've made a note that I haven't provided medical evidence for my agoraphobia, which I find ridiculous.
Surely with the evidence I've given it would be reasonable to believe that my various conditions would explain overwhelming psychological distress when I venture out.
I'm already awaiting a dreaded ESA tribunal, due to a dishonest report, and now the DWP have further damaged my health with another dodgy decision.
Has anyone got any experience of claiming PIP for similar disabilities?
Thanks Ted.

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Autism and PIP 9 months 1 week ago #230353

Ive claimed pip for autism - but I also have anorexia and OCD - I had to go to tribunal twice but I got enhanced dc and standard mobility in the end - but it was a real fight for 18 months!
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Autism and PIP 9 months 1 week ago #230372

Their policy seems to assume that everything's a choice for me, and not a disability, even though they have good evidence of four conditions.
I'm hoping my GP can spell out to them how my disability affects me, and actually stops me doing things.
I can't help but think that they're being deliberately obtuse, just to get rid of me.
I wish I could oblige, but I couldn't exist otherwise.

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