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TOPIC: PIP:Ability reduce by using energy/strength 4work

PIP:Ability reduce by using energy/strength 4work 1 year 2 weeks ago #230470


V grateful for any advice. My condition is musculoskeletal rheumatology type with loose joints, and muscle spasms, but with affects also on cardio (Hugh heart rate risk of fainting with standing and high temp) and gastro. It causes a lot of fatigue & pain. I am with a lot if support and adjustments managing to work. But, by working I have extra pain & hugely more fatigue. Using my wheelchair helps at work but causes wrist pain that impacts eg cooking - chopping is painful.

If I didn't work I would be able to cook myself a meal more reliable, although still with aids (perching stool and special knife, frozen pre chopped veg) or assistance - my partner who is away w work a lot.

My question - when they ask e.g. can you cook a simple meal for yourself. Am I right that it is true & honest to say no sometimes I am too fatigued & in too much pain. I sometimes go straight to sitting in bed & my partner brings me food. Or I go without/have a snack. This is TRUE but my concern is they will look at my job and say well if you can do that job in the day then you must surely be able to cook a simple meal. It is based on what I can do with my current life in the same way as if I had a child & that was exhausting me?

I'm a junior doctor working reduced rota with adjustments, wheelchair, rest etc but worry they will write me off based on what I (force) myself to manage at work.

Other question - apps as prompts. I use medisafe app alongside dosset boxes and Fitbit vibrating reminders to make sure I take my meds. Esp at work I can easily forget otherwise. I sometimes forget in evening if I've taken night tablets when brain fog kicks in (after work adrenaline fades) - I can check my box & the app to see if I ticked it. My partner despite understanding my condition finds it surprising when I genuinely can't remember. But pain plus fatigue = forgetting.
How are APPs rated, are they aids? They are a replacement for a human prompt (one I prefer) but equivalent??

PS I recommend this site to my patients :)thank you!

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PIP:Ability reduce by using energy/strength 4work 1 year 2 weeks ago #230501


I'll admit that I have struggled with your first question but my view is that as the tiredness you mention seems to be more the result of your working than from your conditions then you will be assessed on the actual problems you have with cooking e,g, needing aids and assistance rather than your not being to cook.

That does not mean that you should not explain about the tiredness, just don't expect to score for it.

You are more likely to score for the dosette box than the app but be aware that there is only one point available for this. I would be cautious of using the phrase "brain fog", I think the phrase trivialises the problems that claimants face with memory and cognition, due to their conditions, tiredness or the effects of medication. A better term would Cognitive Dysfunction.


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