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TOPIC: ESA/State Pension query

ESA/State Pension query 9 months 5 days ago #230730

I currently receive enhanced PIP for both care and mobility, and ESA Support group (largely thanks to my membership of Benefits and Work).
I reach State Pension age later this year.
I understand that my PIP will continue for as long as I qualify, and that my ESA will cease when I start to claim my State Pension, but I would very much appreciate your advice regarding the procedure for how my ESA will cease. I have just received my invitation to claim my State Pension from the DWP, but there is no mention of my ESA. Do I need inform the ESA department that my State Pension will be starting, or will my ESA automatically stop when my Pension kicks in? Are there any DWP pitfalls or traps to look out for regarding when ESA finishes and my Pension begins. As you can imagine, my trust for the DWP getting things right is lacking. I’m concerned that I could end up with a payment gap between ESA finishing and my State Pension starting, or do the payments flow seamlessly from one to the other?
Further to this, my wife claims carers allowance for me, and currently her allowance is deducted from my ESA (madness I know), but what happens when I go onto State Pension? Her State Pension doesn’t start until later next year.
Many thanks for your time and attention to my query.

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ESA/State Pension query 9 months 5 days ago #230737


It should be automatic, your ESA will stop on the day that you reach State Retirement Age but it can't hurt for you to contact the DWP office dealing with your ESA to confirm that they are aware of this.

When your State Pension starts there will be no deduction from it for your wife's CA but you need to be aware, if she reaches SRA next year then the CA will cease payment at that time as the State Pension and CA are classed as overlapping benefits and only the one that pays the most will be paid. She will retain an underlying entitlement to CA and if at that time you are eligible for Pension Credit then a Carers Element can be paid.

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