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Blue Badge Success without enough PIP points. 1 year 1 month ago #231019

Hi Everybody, Just a note about my experience.

I got my current blue badge because I was on DLA higher rate. It expired on 22nd April 2019. I did not get enough PIP points last November, but apparently I could carry on using my BB until it ran out. (But I did have to pay road tax for my own car straightaway.)

I thought it would be a waste of effort applying. But my PIP tribunal was unlikely to happen before December 2019 - long wait in Watford apparently. So I had to give it a go as my BB gets used every time I go out.

My local council (Harrow) needs 3 months to process a BB application if you are not automatically eligible. This seems to be average for councils that farm out their assessments. Even for an automatic approval they say to allow 8 weeks. They get the badge printed by an outside company - that adds 2-4 weeks to it all.
Gawd, I remember when you used to get it back in 10 days!

I filled in the council form using my PIP information and evidence. On the morning I was meant to be assessed, the Assessor phoned me up to say that I did not need to come in as I obviously qualified and that she was awarding me my BB immediately. I cried with relief.

She said that she didn't know why the council had referred me when I was clearly eligible. Apparently the council can choose to desk check an application rather than send it for assessment. They have their own points system and if you "pass" you get a BB. I got that snippet from googling blue badge appeals and finding one that spelt it out.

I managed to find out a little bit more about these points. I did a google on "blue-badge good practice review" and found stuff on GOV.UK. Apparently, councils can design their own assessment protocols.

Anyhow, I learned the following.

Many thanks to this website for being so encouraging.
The following user(s) said Thank You: Gordon, ivyfox

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Blue Badge Success without enough PIP points. 1 year 1 month ago #231046

Tell it like it like it is as they don't know

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