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TOPIC: ESA50 - how to indicate - no contact by phone

ESA50 - how to indicate - no contact by phone 2 weeks 19 hours ago #232219


I'm currently re-applying for my ESA using the ESA50.
Could you clarify you current advice regarding supplying phone numbers.

Your ESA/UC guide, p75 - face-to-face states:

'If you have a mental health condition as well as a physical one and you would find it difficult to speak to someone on the phone to arrange an appointment, then consider not giving a phone number and instead explaining in the box that, because of your mental health condition you need them to write to you rather than phone'.

However the current ESA50 p19. - Face-to-face Assessment - no longer has a box requesting a phone number in that section, only a 'Tell us about any other help you might need in the space below.'

Meanwhile there is now a box to enter a phone number on ESA50 page 2 called 'A phone number we can contact you on'.
Additionally on ESA50 page 1, a final bullet point states 'Make sure you fill in the 'About you' section on page 2 in full.' suggesting all boxes on ESA50 page 2, - About You - might be compulsory and so supplying a phone number is no longer an option.

Could you therefore please advise how to indicate a preference for not being called without violating the conditions of filling in the form as it exists today and in relation to ESA50 page 1,2, and 19 ?

Many thanks for your time and attention. appreciated.


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ESA50 - how to indicate - no contact by phone 2 weeks 14 hours ago #232230


If you do not want to include your phone number then don't, it's not compulsory.

However, if they already have one then they may use it, to stop that you need to write to the DWP with a copy to Maximus stating that you only want to be contacted in writing.


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