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TOPIC: PIP assessment all lies

PIP assessment all lies 3 months 3 weeks ago #235688

OMG i just received a copy of my assessment and its full of lies.... im so upset. I have been on DLA high mobility and low care for life since 2007 and my condition's have got worse.

She has written that im not showing signs of mental health problems, I see a psychiatrist who manages my meds every 3 months and i see a psychologist every week for my PTSD, OCD depression, anxiety. I have been under a pain management team, but until they can deal with the mental health problems first, they cant help me yet, I told her all this and its all in the evidence i provided. She has stated i can plan a journey unaided, thats not true. Fibromyalgia im now in the care of my GP as they are unable to do any more than a GP can do with the condition. She stated i was happy and able to respond to all questions.. I was with my daughter the whole time and i cried throughout the whole interview. Even my daughter was crying as she heard things she didnt know i was gong through.

My daughter recorded the whole thing unbeknown to me and she is fuming at the report.

Ive not had my decision yet but reading that i know im going to lose this ... im distraught and cant stop crying.

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PIP assessment all lies 3 months 3 weeks ago #235689

Hi Justm3x

There is a window for you to write to the Decision Maker (before the final decision is made) but you will need to be quick.

Understand that the assessor is offering an opinion when they say that you can do the PIP activities, tackling these head-on is unlikely to be successful, you need to show that the basis of that opinion is founded on incorrect information, so try and refer to your evidence to undermine what they have said. 

Also, try and stick to issues that lead to your scoring points, I often hear members referring to the assessors spelling, as an example, whilst it may show a lack of professionalism, raising it as an issue isn't going to help you get an award.

Lastly, make sure that you understand the criteria that you are being assessed against you can put the best case forward that is possible but you won't score points if you do not meet the PIP Descriptors.

Resist the temptation to call the assessor a liar - just say they are incorrect and show why.


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