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F2F HOME VISIT - NO SHOW BY CAPITA 3 months 4 weeks ago #235715

My daughter's F2F Home Assessment should have taken place this morning at 10.30am. I rang CAPITA at 11.00am when no one had arrived yet, to ask if there was a problem and I was told to give it an hour then go about my normal business of the day and ring tomorrow to see status of application. I asked if I should ring DWP to report it if they didn't turn up and he said no.
At 12.30pm (2hrs past appointed time) I rang DWP to report the fact that CAPITA hadn't turned up and asked them to record this information on my daughter's records. The operative was happy to do this, after all he said you don't want them saying they turned up and you weren't at home!
I couldn't rest and rang CAPITA again at about 12.45pm and explained the situation again AND that I had informed DWP. They were very apologetic but said they weren't able to tell me anything for 24hrs until all the jobs had been logged in. They said I should ring tomorrow at about the same time to find out the reason.
All of the above conversations were recorded by me, UNFORTUNATELY except the DWP one when I pressed the wrong button!! They were also made on my landline AT HOME, so they shouldn't be able to say no one was in. I would appreciate any advice from anyone that this has happened to please. My friend who was accompanying me, although happy to help me and my daughter, was inconvenienced and I just hope that she is able to attend any new appointment. Do I now have any choice as to when the next appointment is offered so that I can ensure my friend can be present? Many thanks

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F2F HOME VISIT - NO SHOW BY CAPITA 3 months 4 weeks ago #235716

Hi Karen

You are the second member today to report a no-show and unfortunately, it does happen. What I would recommend you doing is following up with letters - one to capita and one to the DWP saying what happened - so there is a written record, just in case you want to cancel the next appointment and they try saying it was your second offer rather than the first. It's unlikely you're going to get any choice over the next date.


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F2F HOME VISIT - NO SHOW BY CAPITA 3 months 4 weeks ago #235721

Many thanks
I have drafted a letter as you suggest, and may wait to see their response tomorrow before I send it. It does seem rather inequitable that you are more or less 'commanded' to be in a certain place at a certain time with severe consequences if you don't YET they can just not turn up without even a phone call to inform you why. I get that 'things happen', traffic jams, illness, previous appointments taking longer than envisaged but all it takes is a phone call. After all they ask you to confirm phone numbers every time you ring them. In the draft letter I have confirmed that all my phone calls to CAPITA and DWP today were made on my land line at home (on the phone that overlooks my front garden) so I do hope they don't go down the road of 'we arrived but you weren't in' because that would be blatantly untrue !!
With many thanks

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