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TOPIC: PIP Decision

PIP Decision 4 months 1 week ago #236974

After going through a tribunal I received a DLA Indefinite award and have had to apply for PIP which today I received the dreaded brown envelope after waiting over 10 weeks from an horrendous face to face. By the grace of god I just scraped enough points, (from this letter minimal points given) and have received enhanced for both daily living and mobility until June 2023 with a reassessment from June 2022. I have made several telephone requests for the HP's report, whilst waiting for their decision letter, which I still haven't received, but from this letter I can already see the report will be filled with lies and the HP has down played how my disability affects me, again the FTF was horrendous and the HP continually spoke over myself and my son (my carer) and kept cutting me off.
My question is I assumed from June 2018 the then Minister for disabled people stated people with severe or progressive conditions who needed high levels of support would not face assessment for 10 years. I have several health conditions but my main one is Rheumatoid Arthritis (finally diagnosed 2011) where I need a lot of support, even with the best medication to slow this horrible disease down it will still be progressive and lifelong, (I have now come to terms with that) This whole process of PIP has been so stressful over the past months and has made my health deteriorate even more. I have got plenty of support from family and Solicitors (even though I cannot work I have continued to pay Union fees) when I finally get the HP report do I challenge the length of the PIP award?
Many thanks for your advice

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PIP Decision 4 months 1 week ago #236982

HI Karen

You can challenge the length of the award, but few people have had success in doing so and just remember you would be putting the award you have been given at risk, because they will look the entire award - not just the length of it.


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PIP Decision 4 months 1 week ago #237013

Many thanks for your reply, that's what I was afraid of, challenging it and risking losing the award I have, even though I know the whole system is totally wrong and everything is stacked against us I am grateful for what I have got.
Hopefully I will receive a copy of the HP report soon, after many failed requests for it, it will no doubt make interesting reading, after the horrendous FTF of being talked over and shouted at by a HP who did the report. From her attitude towards me I am sure it will be full of lies. If I made a complaint regarding the HP and report would this also go against me?
One uphill battle over for PIP now just an ESA review to get through!!

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PIP Decision 4 months 1 week ago #237031

With RA the hcp/dwp take the veiw that you could have ops/joint replacement in the future. And your function improve?.
It's the same with my RA. Regular assessments.

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