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THANK YOU so much.. Ive passed PIP and ESA 2 years 2 months ago #237262

After a horrendous three and a half months of stress I have finally been passed High Rate mobility and care until 2029.. Thank You so much to this Forum. Without your help I would never have had the strength to get through PIP and ESA which both came at the same time. ATOS refused me after face to face PIP,and I was turned down at Mandatory review for PIP until they realised I had an ESA face to Face who knew all about my illness and understood how it affects me. The DWP looked at both reviews and could quite clearly see that the ATOS face to face for PIP was lies about my muscular skeletal and misled the DWP into making the wrong decisions.. I do not have to go to appeal as a case manager has overturned it and I even got an apology as they said the forms should never have been sent in the first place as I had only just passed it in 2017 for ten years....RESULT....KEEP FIGHTING GUYS. Shall I put a complaint in about ATOS?? they would probably dismiss it eh
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THANK YOU so much.. Ive passed PIP and ESA 2 years 2 months ago #237263

Hi Hoover1

I am so pleased for you. Many congratulations your successful PIP and ESA - a great result.


Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems

THANK YOU so much.. Ive passed PIP and ESA 2 years 2 months ago #237285

Congratulations - and thank you for posting that. You've reminded me that we did PIP appeal and ESA more or less simultaneously too, and the tribunal is coming up shortly. I'll have a look at the ESA forms and see if they contradict what the PIP assessor said.
Carer for a long-term ME/CFS sufferer

THANK YOU so much.. Ive passed PIP and ESA 2 years 2 months ago #237350

Thanks to this group and help from Headway, my son also was awarded PIP for 10 years. Perhaps you should complain about Atos. if people are experiencing problems and not informing Atos Head Office then it will be assumed that everything is "Hunky Dory" and they will no doubt, publicize that message to the world!

THANK YOU so much.. Ive passed PIP and ESA 2 years 1 month ago #238169

A Huge Thank You to Work and Benefits! Six months ago I was awarded PIP for the first time ever earlier for two years. After abandoning my PIP quest last year due to caring for my mum who subsequently passed away from dementia, I had another go this year expecting to have to go all the way to appeal.
Amazingly after my first assessment by a young OT who was quite reasonable, I was awarded the standard daily living element but no mobility at all as I had attended on my own via taxi, as couldn’t trust the local buses or my cognitive abilities in navigating strange place.
I did get a refund for the taxi journeys promptly though after submitting the expenses form.

I was exhausted after extended weeks of writing notes, keeping diaries etc with no help from from my local CAB, gp or medical professionals apart from a heavy file of scanned clinic reports etc. that I didn’t bother asking for a reconsideration or pursue various small injustices further but remain grateful for what I did get.

Having ME, Fibromyalgia, Osteoporosis, IBS, OA and Asthma, yet still fairly mobile most of the time, I didn’t expect to be awarded anything, especially after my experiences of a few traumatic WCAs for ESA in previous years.

Following the advice in the members guides clearly worked and being awarded a Blue Badge under new guidelines might have helped too.

So don’t give up, small miracles can happen! It has meant that I can buy a prepayment prescription certificate and a disabled railcard but most of all it is an official recognition of invisible disabilities.

THANK YOU Benefits and Work and to all the wonderful people who run this forum, answer questions and manage the website. B)
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