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TOPIC: PIP Assessments

PIP Assessments 5 months 1 week ago #237353

I received my PIP assessment that has been completed by a midwife with no mental health qualifications. The assessment was paper based and the midwife has completely ignored the information that has been supplied by my consultant who i see every three months.
I have been awarded 10 points for OPD in mobility which was confirmed by my consultant but the daily living points are totally wrong. I am diagnosed with agoraphobia with panic disorder and also bipolar. I am taking many medications including anti-psychotic, mood stabilisers, sedatives and sleeping tablets which are at the maximum doses.
Any one with a basic understanding of mental health or the side effects of these medications would have known how it affects people. For example someone taking 500mg of quetiapine and 15 mg diazepam cannot just get out from bed and start cooking a reasonable meal.
On to mandatory reconsideration...

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PIP Assessments 5 months 1 week ago #237354

Hi 0-0

I'm sorry that you didn't receive the award you were hoping for. When you put in for the MR, concentrate on all the areas where you didn't score points and think you should have done so.
Be careful about saying that the assessor has no mental health qualifications unless you know that as a certainty. 'The DWP will always argue that all the assessors go through the training to be assessors which includes being able to assess people with mental health problems. I'm not saying you shouldn't criticise their findings, but just focus on what will lead to you scoring more points.

Also be careful not to make a comment as you did above about anyone with a basic knowledge of mental health would have known how the medications affect people. Check that you have made it clear in your evidence how it affects you against the PIP criteria because that's all that matters.


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