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TOPIC: Mandatory Reconsideration stage

Mandatory Reconsideration stage 5 months 1 week ago #237371

I was on DLA both components on a higher rate. I was put on the standard rate for both for PIP but I am appealing with MR at the moment. Stupid me I did not seek help before the assessment and went thinking it will fine because know what ESA is like. BUt this PIP is a different ball game. I got my result and then went and did a letter for my MR and sent it in on time. I was not aware that I was able to as for the assessors' report and it came today. It mentions that I take antidepressants for a diagnosed mental health condition. Back in February, I went to see my GP asking for help to sleep as I was going through a bout of insomnia. He gave me a drug to take at night but after five doses, I stopped but it is still showing on my repeat script and I guess the assessor got this conclusion from that. The tablets prescribed are used for antidepressants but it has a sedating effect. I have never been diagnosed with a mental health condition but do suffer from stress that comes from my family who deceived me by kicking me off my father's estate. This happened a decade ago and it's taken a long time to recover from such deceit and that is not a condition in my eyes. But she went on and on about me being medicated looking well not anxious of good complexion etc etc etc. Its obvious \i was on the list to be kicked off the higher rate by how it's worded. I have a condition that has killed millions worldwide but medication arrived and am still here. But other serious conditions have set in because of the damage the virus did. I have ended up with Osteoporosis severe, COPD Pancreatic insufficiency, Diverticulitis a salt imbalance that causes severe attacks of diarrhoea and she talks about my mental health that is non-existent. I called DWP on Wednesday asking if they had got my MR. Yes, they did have it and he offered to send me the assessors report to which I said yes. My question is, can I send in more to add to the original letter to inform them I have no mental health condition and my assesment is null and void because she did not mention my true difficulties of daily living. Fabricating lies and making diagnoses like this, that paramedic needs sacking. This mental health is on file now. During the early part of my families let down, I briefly took cocaine which helped to cover the pain but it was brief and I wised up before it took hold. At the rehabilitation day centre, I saw a psychiatrist as I was convinced I was not right, but his result was, I am suffering from the shock that my sister could do such things against me and time will be my healer. Can I send another letter in and explain my true difficulties not this mental health thing. I have severe extreme diarrhoea with complete evacuation attacks, they are taking my car wanting me to go by bus with my mobility. What if I had an attack on a bus, being HIV+ I am then an infection risk to the public. I would be chucked off the bus, no private or public transport would stop take me home but 999 would have to pick up the pieces. At the assessment, I found it difficult to talk about but thought with proof of thee conditions on my doctors report they would see it. In my MR I have written about it and the pani and shame if I were out and it happened and it does happen in public but this has isolated me from going out. My church asked me not to go there until I address wind problems no surprises coming from the holy than thou lot. I was offending them and it has taken a chunk of confidence away. I rely heavily on my car, my carer drives it as there is warm water change of clothing in the car to clean me up with help this is discrimination we are suffering but this company is exempt and say what they want I am told. I really do want to set things staright. and write to add to my MR. Can I?

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Mandatory Reconsideration stage 5 months 1 week ago #237373

Hi Alun and Terry

Yes, you can write in and add to your mandatory reconsideration, but you will need to be quick because these decisions are usually made within 6 weeks.


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Mandatory Reconsideration stage 5 months 1 week ago #237396

You poor thing: this sounds horrendous. Can you get your GP to write a letter briefly outlining your symptoms and what the consequences of you having an attack when using public transport might be, and stressing that the antidepressants were to help with sleep rather than a mental health condition? I do sympathise: my caree was also given ADs to help with sleep rather than anything else, and she too has been pigeonholed.

If you can't get the letter in time (or your GP won't do one before you reach appeal stage, which has been known in some areas), you might have to go to appeal, but I hope you won't.

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