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Advice 5 months 1 week ago #237458

I complained to ATOS regard some inaccuracy in the review report by the HP. Essentially the HP did not record all my medications, importantly my anti-depressant, or health conditions and also throughout in the report stated that I did not take any medications or had specialist input for anxiety and depression even though the medication was listed in my prescription and I had included reports from counselling.

I have had a reply back without any reference to the omission of the medication or specialist input for anxiety and depression but instead the reply has states the HP regarded my dry eyes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol has just symptoms and not conditions even though I take medications for these. Furthermore, the reply also confirms that the HP did feel the need to identify certain conditions in the conditions history or names of medications in the report (all that is mentioned are general terms like sprays, inhalers etc.) The Reply further states that the clinical support lead reviewed my comments alongside the consultation report and found no sections of the report that lack ‘critical evidence’ or ‘major omission’.

I have the option now to ask that my complaint be looked at by a senior manager after which I can ask the Independent Case Examiner if I do not get a satisfactory reply.

However, before I take these steps I would like some advice on what the official guidance is for HP’s to record on the report regarding conditions and medications and do they have discretion on what to record or leave out. Going by what I have mentioned above I believe the report for be misleading for the DWP decision maker but I could be wrong in this assumption if someone can clarify?

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Advice 5 months 1 week ago #237471

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Part 1 of the DWP's PIP Assessment guide covers the assessment process, see



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