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ESA REINSTATED!!! 1 year 10 months ago #237846

Just thought i'd tell you of my success in being reinstated in ESA support group. Its a bit of a DWP saga so please bear with! Following on from ESA50 in oct 2017 and F2F with doctor, i was awarded 0 points and advised fit to work and benefits cancelled in feb 2018.I have had ME and Lupus for 19 years and had been in support group. Numerous discrepancies between doctors comments and what actually happened as had had the interview recorded. With the help of your wonderful guides submitted Mandatory Reconsideration. Unfortunately my paperwork was held in DWP postal black hole and was never forwarded despite my chasing. When finally looked at was told out of time but would do it as gesture of goodwill. In my opinion they just rejected it. My file at DWP was noted that my forms had been received in time but their error. Obviously they chose to ignore that. Advised me to get a wheelchair to propel myself around a workplace. My hands are often numb through Lupus! very hurtful comments throughout their report. Took it to Tribunal on a paperbasis as didn't want to attend. Felt i'd suffered enough both physically and mentally. It was adjourned 3 times requesting different information(already got it) and advising me I had to attend and why couldnt i?. In may 2019 i had had enough and told Tribunal Service to close file in view of DWP and their errors in correct procedure. Not the thing to do i know, but as I only received a reduced sum of benefit I felt my sanity was more important. LOW AND BEHOLD they heard the case on a paperbasis within 2 weeks and found in my favour based on my original submissions and GP/consultants letters. So I am now back in support group, benefits reinstated and backpay received. I just wish to advise people NOT TO GIVE UP AND ENSURE MEDICALS ARE RECORDED. Many thanks for the advise given on your site.

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ESA REINSTATED!!! 1 year 10 months ago #237852

Hi Jane
Congratulations on your award and for persevering in such trying circumstances. Good to hear.



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