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TOPIC: DLA to PIP with severe Complex PTSD

DLA to PIP with severe Complex PTSD 1 week 6 days ago #238343

I am 67 and moving from an indefinite DLA to PIP, has anyone else been successfully awarded PIP with Complex PTSD. I have other conditions, but my Complex PTSD is my main disability

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DLA to PIP with severe Complex PTSD 1 week 6 days ago #238346

Hi Silverfox

It is always difficult to compare your own case with another.

Her is one person who has complex PTSD among other things who successfully got PIP


I hope that someone who has the condition may comment.
You should bear in mind that it is not the condition so much that you need to focus on, but how the symptoms affect your daily living as laid down in the PIP criteria.


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DLA to PIP with severe Complex PTSD 1 week 4 days ago #238430

Hello Silverfox,
I got enhanced care & mobility after a big struggle involving MP. This ensured the assessment was done by a CPN. It can be done!
My advice would be to get alot of DECENT help filling in the form(CAB largely useless). You can get extensions if you have to wait for an appointment for benefits advice.
Use the guides to draft responses to 1 descriptor per day which you can edit later. Print out on computer, rather than fill the too small boxes & attach to form with name & NI number on each sheet.
Make SURE DWP include your DLA records.
Make SURE your file is marked as Vulnerable, see the recent post about contacting DWP vulnerable claimant unit about F2F assessment. You will need a strongly worded letter from GP or CPN/psychiatrist to avoid a F2F if its likely to put you at substantial risk of suicide/self harm/harm to others.Or if you would be unable to function in interview.
If you can bear it fill in the 2 week diary providing details of your difficulties with the descriptors as they want strong evidence of reliability.
They have to take into account how your medication affects you so spell this out.
Assessor is unlikely to have ANY understanding of cPTSD you will have to spell it out in great detail. Bear in mind they assume you are lying if you have mental health problems! Include medical evidence even if it is old. I actually included photos of self harm which was so shameful & humiliating. GEt some emotional support to help you through this: online survivors trust etc I found Pete Walker's book fantastic (Steps for managing triggers & flashbacks).My GP was wonderful & I also had to take lots of extra meds.
Its not personal, they don't care. Its not a personal attack. Part of the process seems to be having to appeal.
Gordon (God bless him) was fantastic when I was in pieces!
Lots of love Terrified

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