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TOPIC: PIP Tribunal paperwork question

PIP Tribunal paperwork question 7 months 3 weeks ago #238556

I'm preparing for a PIP tribunal next month, and I note that the DWP has said I submitted nothing relating to the specific indicators where I feel I should have been awarded extra points. I submitted a huge amount addressing individual indicators (including citing relevant Upper Tribunal decisions) when I made my request for mandatory reconsideration. Actually, I sent it all twice, as they conveniently "lost" the first request I made, despite me sending it Special Delivery which showed it as delivered.
I assumed that because everything I've sent the DWP is included in the bundle, I didn't need to send it all again.Was I wrong? Should I send everything for the MR to the Tribunal?
Unfortunately the only advice I get is "Go to the CAB". I can't, because our local CAB is not very good, because going out at all is a migraine trigger for me, and those migraines can last 14 days, and because my autistic husband had a bad experience there and it's become a trigger for him. Because he has some legal background, he'd be massively upset if I get someone else to represent me. Problem is, though he'd be great handling a criminal case, he knows zero about tribunals. I'm feeling stuck and frustrated.
Anyway, if anyone can advise if I should send additional info to the tribunal in advance, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

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PIP Tribunal paperwork question 7 months 3 weeks ago #238557


If the information is in the DWP's submission (bundle) then you do not need to send it again, the panel will receive a copy of everything that is submitted for the appeal.

Any submission that you want to make must be with the Tribunal Service no later than seven days before the hearing or you risk it not being included.

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