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Esa 7 months 3 weeks ago #238572

Hi can a carer who gets carers allowance. They have become ill and needs to stop claiming carers allowance and start to claim for themselves for ESA and pip . Because he is a live in carer on the person he cares for claim and received income support as well as the CA. He has been told he needs to be on ESA to claim pip is this true? And what happens now to the person he used to care for will they get their disability premium back now that the carer doesn't get CA no more. It's all complex but if there is any help or advice out there on what to do please.

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Esa 7 months 3 weeks ago #238582


PIP and ESA are separate benefits and can be claimed separately, so they can put in a claim for both benefits now although they need to be aware that this could result in them receiving claim forms at the same time, so some staggering of the claims might be sensible.

You say that the person is a live-in carer, this would normally prevent the payment of the Severe Disability Premium to the caree as they would not be living alone and this is one of the requirements.

If the ex-carer is awarded PIP Daily Living then the caree should be classed as living alone allowing payment of the Premium, or if they can show that they and the carer are living separately in the same accommodation then this should also allow them to classed as living alone.


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