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TOPIC: PIP and work

PIP and work 7 months 3 weeks ago #238654

Could someone clarify for me whether PIP is intended to allow someone with a job to continue working ? Maybe wuth reduced hours ?

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PIP and work 7 months 3 weeks ago #238658

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PIP is not an income replacement benefit so has nothing to do, in the broad sense, with your working or not, it is paid to help claimants with the extra costs associated with having a long term illness or disability. What you use the payments for is entirely up to you.


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PIP and work 7 months 3 weeks ago #238669

Hi Sylvia,

As Gordon said, your ability to work isn't assessed by PIP.

I've recently undergone the switch from DLA to PIP (and in fact got my result through this morning), and to be honest I can't remember without going back and checking my old claims, whether I mentioned in my DLA claims that I worked.

I'm only able to work part time these days. In my recent PIP I did mention work because I felt the help I receive that enables me to continue to be able to work is relevant. The sort of things I felt are relevant are:
- some of the reasonable adjustments I have which include alterations to my working hours and pattern - e.g. a later start time because in a morning I'm unable to wash/dress until my medication's kicked in, which can take up to 90 minutes, and the flexibility to work from home to work around my symptoms and problems with 'daily living'
- how I get to work, and the help I get from another person to get me to work
- special equipment/adapted equipment I need to use to be able to work
- help and assistance I get from colleagues during my working day, such as making drinks and snacks for me. I'm very lucky to have helpful colleagues, and a manager who's very understanding and supportive. As he is so supportive, and is aware of the issues I have at work and the help I need, one of the letters I sent along with my claim was from my manager, detailing the reasonable adjustments I have, the changes we've had to make to my hours and working pattern.

As I said, your ability to work isn't assessed, but in my case I felt it was useful to include some details about how my health/disability effects me at work. The main focus of the form though is on daily living activities and mobility/the ability to move around. Whilst you can mention work if you feel it's relevant, focus on answering the questions on the form about the daily living activities they specify and about moving around. Also, be sure to read the DWP notes in the claim pack, and the Benefits & Work PIP guide which is invaluable, and really helps with completing the form.


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