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TOPIC: I have no idea what is going on - PIP

I have no idea what is going on - PIP 7 months 3 weeks ago #238685

Hopefully someone can shed some light on my situation, because I am totally confuddled and after a phone call with a lovely lady from dfc today she was as much in the dark as I was!

I had a mandatory reconsideration letter on 22nd August allowing me enhanced mobility but 4 points daily living this was from 0 points on first assessment. This is also my first ever PIP claim.
I have had my back pay to when I first applied and have been paid since then.
Today I received a letter dated 4th October “We have all the information we need to process your claim” :huh:

I called dfc to ask what was going on and she opened my file and said the only thing she could see was that QAM requested something on 25th Sept?
I was supposed to get a call back from a CM today for them to explain but it didn’t happen. Now I am left worrying all weekend that they are going to go back on my reconsideration or something.

I did post a few weeks ago that I was 100% sure they had made the decision before reading my letter I sent in based on what they said. And the fact the reconsideration was made in 4 weeks, not 10 as I was told.

I also decided not to appeal the reconsideration because I was fully mentally and emotionally drained with stress and not sleeping which is a major trigger for my seizures. So now this.....is not helping!

Errr so yes....sorry for waffling, what the heck is QAM and why have they triggered this letter?

Thanks :)

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I have no idea what is going on - PIP 7 months 3 weeks ago #238687


PIP seems to have only one letter for acknowledging that they have received something it also takes an age before it is actually sent out so my guess is that is in response to your letter.

The DWP have no in-house medical expertise so they might have sent your letter to the assessor for comment.

It is possible that they are doing a second MR based on your letter, we have seen them do this before when they missed information sent in by the claimant during the first one.

Unfortunately, this is just a guess it might be a good one but it is still a guess so you really need to chase the DWP next week for more information.

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