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TOPIC: Audio Recording Checklist

Audio Recording Checklist 6 months 3 weeks ago #240039

Hi all,

I've created an "audio recording checklist" for those who plan on recording either their Work Capability Assessment (WCA) or face-to-face consultation via cassette tape. Although this was originally for my own use, I have decided to share this publicly in the hope that it helps others in the same situation as myself. If you have any comments or any suggestions about it, then these will be most welcomed. :)

* Check that the recording equipment is fully operational prior to an assessment (preferably the day before). Ensure that batteries are fully charged.
* Do not answer any questions until the recorders are in operation.
* If using external microphones, when setting up the equipment ensure that both microphones are switched on and plugged into the correct sockets. Position the microphones away from sources of background noise (i.e. a computer keyboard) to ensure that voices can be heard clearly.
* Fast-forward and rewind the tapes first to ensure that they run freely.
* Be sure to leave a pause of five seconds after starting the recording, so as to allow the recorders time to get up to speed.
* At the beginning of the recording ensure that the following points are announced before starting the assessment itself: name; national insurance number; purpose of the meeting (i.e. WCA or a face-to-face consultation) and the benefit being assessed; date of the assessment; time of the assessment (both start and end); venue location; name and title of the assessor; any guests attending the assessment; and the start of the assessment itself.
* Ensure to vocalise any actions requested by the assessor (such as stand up, sit down, etc.) for the benefit of listeners.
* Monitor the tapes to ensure that the recording does not abruptly stop.
* If required to turn the tape over, be sure to announce this (i.e. ‘the assessment will pause briefly whilst the tape is turned over. The recording will continue on side two’) and briefly pause the assessment until this has been done.
* At the end of the recording state that the assessment has concluded and again announce the time.
* Break out and remove the cassette tabs to prevent the tapes from being recorded over.
* Hand over a copy of the recording to the assessor, as directed. Ensure that it is properly labelled (with name, national insurance number, etc.).
* If required, ensure that the recording is properly transcribed verbatim by a reputable firm and provide this to the DWP as evidence. Owing to the likelihood of an unfavourable decision being given, this process should be started as soon as possible.

Many thanks.
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Audio Recording Checklist 6 months 3 weeks ago #240055

I think that the list is great and would only make 1 suggestion. I would suggest that you do not leave checking the equipment is fully functional until the day before the assessment as you may find you have problems and cannot resolve them in time. We have just checked our recorders for next week and although only used 2 or 3 times before (1 assessment and 2 trial runs), one has packed up and needs to be replaced. So a trip to Argos is required tomorrow.
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