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PIP 6 months 3 weeks ago #240159

A month and a half ago I sent of a letter to the Dept. regarding disagreements I have with my PIP assessment, almost a yr before, and details of a deterioration in my condition. I’ve had nothing at all back. Should I be worried or does it just take them a long time to get back to you? Should I have had an acknowledgement of my letter? The trouble is I become less capable during the winter and have little energy for anything other than just keeping going, so I’d rather pursue this now then wait until I’m at my worst. I have dealt with all this a lot sooner but I’ve been going through a very difficult divorce and preparing to sell my home. My youngest son has taken this all quite badly and so I really have had my hands full. I know that this will cut no ice with the department but I’ve had no choice as my son obviously comes first.
Hoping somebody can give me some advice. Many thanks. Crossfell

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PIP 6 months 3 weeks ago #240174

Hi Crossfell

I am not sure when you say you sent a letter regarding your PIP assessment, whether this was a complaint letter or whether you were putting in for a mandatory reconsideration, or whether you are trying to report a change in circumstances (eg a deterioration in your condition) or a combination.

If you are now trying to put in for a mandatory reconsideration - you can do this up to a year after your decision, but you would need to explain why you have not put in for it before. (You have detailed the difficulties below). If it has fallen outside the year - there is nothing you can do now.

If you are telling them that your health has deteriorated it will automatically trigger a review and you are likely to be reassessed.

I think you need to contact the DWP and check that they even have your letter, and ask what progress there is.


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