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TOPIC: MP and MR good outcome

MP and MR good outcome 6 months 3 weeks ago #240160

Can you please tell me what a more and mr is I’m looking for advice I’m a carer of a man with hiv positive heptitous c and b he was put in job work focus group after his benefit change from incopacity benefit to esa we’ve contacted esa states that he isn’t well enough from day one of ill diagnosed in 2005 they had all medical proof at the time I’ve since contacted them sent lot of medical proof from way back to 2014 and two up to date letter from his doctor stating he is to unwell to go to an assessment the doctor made it clear he has to have 24 hour care can’t walk with out the help of a carer can’t climb stair he also has mental health issues agrofobia panick disorder anger issues paranoia all stated on his medical letter and he had been refuse again to be put in support group how can some one as ill as this be put in job work focus group

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MP and MR good outcome 6 months 3 weeks ago #240170

Hi D

I have I've moved your post to its own topic, we ask members not to post their questions in other member's topics as it can lead to the wrong advice being given or taken.

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I am not sure from your post whether the man you care for has ever been in the support group since he has claimed ESA or it has always been refused. Also I am not sure whether he has ever had a face to face assessment or he has always had paper-based decisions. Has there been a recent decision?

It is never about the number of conditions or even the severity of the condition - it is always about whether a person fits certain specific criteria. If has had a paper-based decision for ESA then he should be able to request a copy of the report and see how the decision was made. If you want to put in for a mandatory reconsideration this needs to be done within one month of the decision letter.

You could also ring the DWP and see if you can speak to a caseworker, to check that they have all the medical evidence you say that you have sent. Sometimes claimants assume it is with their records and it isn't so it would be worth checking.

If he needs to put in for a mandatory reconsideration - you can find details in the link below



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