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PIP REVIEW DUE? 6 months 3 weeks ago #240177

Hello again,

I have used this site over the years which has been of immeasurable help to me and here I am looking for further help, with thanks again in advance.

When my last PIP review took place, it happened exactly a year before my 3 year award was due to end, just as my original award letter said it would. My PIP award was renewed at the same rate for a further 2.5 years and my award letter indicated I was due to be reviewed after 1st November 2019 (12 months before my current award ends). It has been over a week and, even taking into account the 2nd class post, I still have not received my AR1 form from the DWP.

I have been reading in various posts on this site and on other sites that the DWP are now starting to review fixed term awards 6 months before they end rather than 12 months. Is this true?

I have already started gathering up to date supportive medical evidence of no change in how my health condition effects my functioning according to the relevant descriptors to include with my completed form in anticipation that my PIP award would now undergo review. Do I still need to do that? I know that I can phone the DWP to ask for a 2 week extension if I needed more time to complete the review form and gather supportive evidence to include with it but I still wanted to get 'all my ducks in a row' to mitigate stress and be prepared. The thing is I also have to pay to obtain this evidence from my GP and support worker whose care I am under. Will this evidence still be relevant in 6 months time if my PIP review happens then instead? I have a fluctuating health condition which ought to take into account 50% of any 12 month period.

If I still don't get my AR1 form next week, might it be a problem with the post? Should I phone to ask if the form has been sent to me or is being sent to me? Which number should I phone?

Thanks again for any help with my query.


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PIP REVIEW DUE? 6 months 3 weeks ago #240181

Hi Libra1

Although there has been no official announcement about a change in the review dates for PIP, it is absolutely true that many members have reported that they are receiving their review forms 6 months before the end date of their current award and this now seems to be standard practice.

It's always good to think ahead and gather any evidence that you can. Yes - even though it is a review - sending up to date evidence from your GP and support worker will carry more weight. You don't need to get their letters yet.


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Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems

PIP REVIEW DUE? 6 months 3 weeks ago #240186

Hi Libra1. As well as the advice Bis has given you, I would say ask for a copy of your summary report, this lists all your diagnosis, and repeat prescription list from the GP receptionist. Also copies of any reports from hospitals as they may not have sent you a copy and told your GP you have greatly improved, which happened to me, which was not the case. All these requests are free. This will give you time to check for accuracy and get your records corrected before your review. I was in the same position as you just over 7 months ago. I rang them on 08001214433 and was told my review date was 6 months before, ie Oct. At least it will help to put your mind at ease as it’s stressful enough. Good luck.
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PIP REVIEW DUE? 6 months 2 weeks ago #240195

Thank you BIS and MEMEME.

I received no AR1 form in the post this morning again (so now 10 days late). After reading your responses, I decided to call the 0800 number to check if it has been sent.

The DWP advisor did not even ask for my national insurance number when I asked if my PIP review form had been sent. He only asked when my award was granted and for how long. I told him it was awarded until November 2020 with review from November 2019. That's when he told me there was now a policy change (decided months ago this year) to review awards 6 months before they end instead of 1 year before. I asked him to check if that was the case for my award specifically. He told me he did not need to check mine in particular as this policy now applies to ALL claimants with a current fixed award. He told me not to expect my award to be reviewed before May 2020.

So, according to the DWP advisor this morning, this unofficial policy applies to everyone and has done for months. It all seems so odd not to inform claimants in writing of this change because, many like me, have been told to be ready to be reviewed 1 year before and like me, will be gathering updated medical evidence. It also has put me through unbelieveable stress in anticipation for months which is 'triggering' of my health condition and has been. :(
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