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Light touch review every ten years 8 months 1 week ago #241080

I am filling in my sisters pip form ...she is transferring from dla she has been on for 16 years approx due to being made disabled after childbirth ..,since then in 2015 she has been diagnosed with bipolar ptsd anxiety due to historical abuse and a attack which triggered the ptsd ...my question is the last time she applied for dla she was told she would be eligible for a indefinite award as we have paperwork from her consultant which states she will become further disabled as time goes on. Since dla is now going I am aiming to try to get the longest award possible I believe it could be 10 years ? ...do you have any advice you could kindly give me as to specifically what to ask for in my cover letter ? Or key words etc ... I am with the help of the Gp aiming to exempt her from assessment face to face she is totally unfit for this interrogation I was successful in feb this year with her esa . I also wondered as I am aiming to get her enhanced as her level of disability’s are such that she should if she doesnt see face to face does that stop eligibility for the enhanced rate ?
I will need to send her forms by next Monday to get them in in time , if anyone has any advice to help me with I would be so very grateful as I spoke to scope but wasn’t given much to go on

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Light touch review every ten years 8 months 1 week ago #241088

Hi Natalie

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Yes, the longest length of award a claimant can be offered is ten years for PIP.

If the GP is going to write a supporting letter to ask for a paper-based assessment then the letter needs to unequivocal. It needs to say that a face to face assessment is unsuitable for your sister as it would cause 'overwhelming psychological distress' and would lead to a deterioration in your sister's mental health and that they are making a request for a paper-based assessment to be carried out. Any other information about her long term health would be helpful.

Be aware that many people fail in wanting a certain type of assessment because the letters provided by GP's are sometimes not clear and they use words like the claimant 'may' find an assessment distressing.

Also you need to be aware, the letter from a GP is not a guarantee. Only 3% of claimants get paper-based assessment so do you best. As her sister, I would put in your own letter (not just a covering one) detailing the difficulties she has and the impossibility of a face to face.

A paper-based assessment - does not stop someone from being awarded advanced.

Do go through our guides and make sure you have answered the questions pertaining to the PIP criteria because it is harder to be awarded it than the old DLA.


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