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DLA to PIP Reply 7 months 1 week ago #241093

Hi all,please go easy on me as i have never posted anything on here before.
I am currently on DLA and received the PIP questionnaire form thing PIP1003 "How your disability affects you" form. Have returned that form and received a text message saying they have received it. The text was really quick within a week. Now a week later i have got a letter through the post from the Independence Assessment Services, Saying one of the health professionals has looked at the information i sent .And there writing to let me know that they are going to write to all the people involved in my treatment and care.they have put " we've done this to make sure the assessment report we send to the DWP about your case is accurate"
And once they get all that information the Health professional maybe able to finish the assessment report for the DWP without having to see me in person.
But then they put if they do not get this information they have asked for, from everyone involved in my care and treatment or they still have questions, i may have to go for a face to face consultation.

Is this a normal procedure .
I apologise if this topic has been touched on before

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DLA to PIP Reply 7 months 1 week ago #241106

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Welcome to the forum, you might want to have a look at the following FAQ which explains where everything is

Welcome to Benefits and Work

Yes, this is normal.

Having looked at your form and the information attached IAS are considering doing a Paper Based Review, whether they can do this will depend on the answers that they receive from your medical contacts.

The next activity will either be an invitation from IAS to attend a face to face assessment if a PBR cannot be done or a letter from the DWP saying that they have all the information they need in order to make a Decision.

The following user(s) said Thank You: andrew

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