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Home Assessment Changed to Paper Assessment! 7 months 1 week ago #241234


Update... Having been pushing for a home assessment, we found out from a phone call a on Monday that the 'home assessment' had been changed without request to a PAPER BASED assessment!

Anyway, that paper assessment was done today the 29th, which involved a phone call from Capita. A couple of questions were asked about aspects of my Partner's mobility and emotional health, and the call lasted for about 10 mins. We were told that, after reviewing all of the evidence (I sent in tons of it including a Three Month Diary (and a letter from our local MP)), she has scored very highly for the enhanced rate of both the Mobility and the Daily Living components of PIP and would therefore be recommending the same to DWP. The assessor then went on to say that she would also recommend to DWP that they don't come back again for anymore assessments in future, as there would be no point due to the progressive and worsening nature of her emotional and physical conditions.

Common sense prevailed!!!

I wonder how often a request for a Home Assessment gets changed to a Paper Based version?

Does the DWP follow the Assessment Provider's advice, or do they (pointlessly some would say) reassess it all themselves before they make their final decision?

Nevertheless... that was a very unexpected, but positive phone call!!! :)

We hope for good news to follow in the coming weeks.

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Home Assessment Changed to Paper Assessment! 7 months 6 days ago #241236

Hi Phil

How good to hear that you and your partner received a good outcome.

I can't answer your question about the home assessment being changed, but only 3% of all assessments are paper-based - so they are not common.



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