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PIP Claim 7 months 6 days ago #241259

Hi All
I don't message much but i feel i need to as i need some answer's!
I have been now forced to claim PIP even though i was awarded DLA for LIFE and have the papers to prove this...although they don't count for anything now so I'm told sadly.
I was asked to fill out the dreaded 56 page book for my PIP claim it took the over 8 weeks to give me am assessment appointment and when it dropped through my door i was horrified to see that it was written in huge writing and it said they would be coming to me and doing a HOME INTERVIEW!
I was beside myself as i know they can do this but never thought they would do it with me.
My husbands also disabled and they made him travel miles for his interview.
Anyway i was told someone would call between 10 and 12 am and this woman turned up at 10.15 am,. she showed me her i.d asked for mine and we sat and she was typing for the whole hour and a half she was here asking me all sorts of things, she also said when she first came in that she was expecting to see me in bed and do it from my bedside really?!!
After the questions stopped and the interview was ended i asked her what the outcome was and she said she didn't know and that her report would be sent to DWP and it would take a further 6 weeks before i got a letter to tell me if i have made it or not.
I told her that i was stressing about it and she said not to stress about it, i then said well i will anyway, and she said to me ''well I'm telling you not to stress about it'' what dose that mean anyone know? surly she would have known what points i had scored and if she did then she would have been able to tell me the results from it?? I also got a text message 4 days after she had been telling me that they had got the report and would let me know about 6 weeks time, gosh this is just soooo stressful i can't take it anymore i did tell he though that to pay all the people that i have working for me that with out this benefit i wouldn't be able to hire them without it, I.E gardener window cleaner house cleaner people to do shopping and cook sometimes for us, i thought that's what the money is for or not?
Sorry for the long message but i just needed to get some idea's from the forum on this case of mine that's all, i just hope they don't send me a letter on top of Christmas telling me it's a no i don't think i have it in me to fight any more.
Hope everyone else is all good and that you have a peaceful Christmas, thanks to you all if you should reply to this.........xxx

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PIP Claim 7 months 5 days ago #241268

Hi Jayjay 1963

1. Many people were awarded lifetime DLA. As you have found - PIP is an entirely different benefit which is why people have to apply for it and are assessed.

2. I'm sorry you were alarmed by being offered a home visit. Many people want home visits and don't get them. Some people request home visits but don't always get them. The DWP offer a small number of people home visits without any type of request being put in which is what happened to you. There is nothing sinister about this. It is normally done because they believe it will be of benefit to the claimant not having to travel to an assessment centre.

3. The assessors will interview claimants on home visits wherever they are invited to do so and that means some are seen in their beds.

4. The assessor is not able to tell you how many points you are awarded, because they only make a recommendation and the award is made by a decision maker. Although the assessor was typing the whole time they were with you, it is unlikely they finished the report at that time. They are specifically told not to give any indication of an award - so the assessor was right.

5. It is up to individuals how they spend the money. What you receive will be dependant upon how you meet the criteria. If you wish to know what the assessor has said in their report you can ring the DWP and ask for a copy.


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