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DLA to PIP with no face to face 7 months 2 weeks ago #241270

i assist my family member who has not been required to attend a face to face due to high anxiety autism and previous suicide attempts stress related - however PIP asked for a medical assessment as the GP provided nothing despite having lifelong involvement?

we did not receive any form or letter asking why the medical was not attended and had no chance to explain or ask for a reconsideration? the dla has been stopped causing even more distress.
how do i approach this - other than reproviding all the medical evidence?

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DLA to PIP with no face to face 7 months 1 week ago #241280

Hi Blossom

I have moved your post as per your request. We ask people not to post questions into other threads as it may lead to the wrong advice being given.

I am not sure I entirely understand what you are saying here, so if I have got it wrong, I'm sorry.
I am assuming your family member was in a transition from DLA to PIP and in the past has never been required to attend an assessment.

When your family member applied for PIP as they are required to do if you want benefits to continue, they did not attend the medical assessment was sent to them. If this happened it is unusual for another appointment not to be sent out.

You say sat the GP provided nothing for the DWP. Did you ask them to and they refused or did you think that the DWP would contact them? The DWP very rarely contact GPs for medical evidence.

Have you had a letter saying that the claim has now closed or that another assessment will be sent?

You need to get onto the DWP and find out exactly what is happening. Even if your family member did not have medical assessments in the past, it doesn't mean that is the same for PIP which is a far harder benefit to claim. Generally, the DWP requires a letter from someone's GP or another medical professional which states categorically, that they are not well enough to be assessed.

You need to find out what the current status of their claim is.
If the case has been closed you need to put in for a mandatory reconsideration saying that the family member was only offered one appointment.

If the claim is still live and they are thinking of sending out a second appointment, you need to explain that you need time to get a letter from the GP saying they are unfit to be assessed face to face. (Not all GPs are willing to do this and there is no obligation for them to do so).

If your GP is willing to help you need to get hold of your local MP. I know this is incredibly difficult in the circumstances, but some have been great in getting onto the DWP on your behalf or writing a letter, backing up the need for a paper-based assessment.

If you are successful whatever is eventually awarded will be backdated. I know this isn't necessarily of any comfort when there are bills to be paid.


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