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face to face PIP 7 months 1 week ago #241333

Hello I have been helping my Son with his renewal PIP application he suffers from paranoid schizophrenia he is not capable of filling in the forms. i have given as much detail and matched it to the indicators. We have a letter from the mental health service from link worker.
He has just received a text to say he has to go for an assessment at 8.30 on the morning of the 23rd December.. We will have to go with him as he is not able to go on his own. i have requested some more information from the link worker and been told that a letter will be available tomorrow. What do I do with this do I send it to the assessors the DWP or who I am presuming it is no good just turning up with it at the assessment.
What if we get an assessor that has no knowledge of mental health?
one of the problems ids that he is so frightened of being sectioned again that he tries to pull the wool over peoples eye if they are not trained in mental health.
The DWP must think that there has been a cure found for severe schizophrenia. It is bad enough as carers that we get no support let alone being put through all of this. d

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face to face PIP 7 months 1 week ago #241335

Hi Jaxw17

When you receive the letter you can send a copy to the DWP and one copy to the assessment providers and take a copy of the letter with you.

Your son is unlikely to be assessed by a mental health nurse. All the assessors are trained to assess people with mental health difficulties - but I'm sure many would argue that their training is not adequate. I don't know how severe your son's paranoid schizophrenia is, but if you have the support of a GP I would try and get a letter that says a face to face assessment will cause him "overwhelming psychological distress" which could lead to a deterioration in his mental health and it would be better if a paper-based assessment was done. Having experience of a loved one in a similar position I fought a battle for them not to have a face to face and won - but it was a battle.

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