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TOPIC: ESA Support Group

ESA Support Group 1 week 23 hours ago #241460


My brother was transferred from Incapacity Benefit to ESA Support Group without an assessment in 2013.

He was asked to complete another ESA Form in May 2018 and was again placed in the support group without a face to face assessment.

Last year he applied and was successful in receiving both elements of PIP.

He has been asked to complete another ESA Form this month and we feel this is a tad overzealous of the DWP, especially after the successful PIP Tribunal result?

Can you think of any reason why they would be so determined to subject him to so much stress?

Any other advice, should he ring them and ask?


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ESA Support Group 1 week 20 hours ago #241469


The last assessment obviously recommended a shorter period, ESA reassessment periods are normally anywhere from three months to two years for the WRAG and three for the SG.

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ESA Support Group 1 week 18 hours ago #241487

I think they have just been rolling out ESA assessments for anyone who has had it a long time and not had a WCA. I had something similar recently. Transferred 7 years ago without needing a medical. Then got another ESA this year. It is possible that the PIP application has triggered it to be reassessed, as according to info on here, they can compare what you've put on each application and see if there are any discrepancies. Eg how far you can walk - if it says something slightly different on each one.

But I think there has just been a recent push on chasing ESA claimants. I had a stressful couple of months with it. Sent the form back with all my evidence but was still asked to go for a WCA. Wrote to ask for a new date due to a bereavement. And sent more medical evidence (my GP letter did the trick in the end as it was well worded). And then sent the template letter on here asking for the medical to be recorded. Phoned two days before the medical to see if it was still going ahead and they said I didn't need to go due to GP letter. So decision came about 3 weeks later, back in the support group.

All you can do is fill in the forms but check back over the PIP forms when you do it and make sure there is nothing they can say is different on each one (eg if you say no more than 20 metres walking on one and no more than 30 metres on the other). The ESA guide on here is really helpful guiding you through that.
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