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DLA to PIP success at MR 1 year 11 months ago #241567

Thrilled today to receive MR decision letter detailing Enhanced awards on both Daily Living and Mobility for Ongoing Period.
Has been a hard slog. Took x2 face to face assessments the first in late July resulting in 2 points only for daily living, Zero for mobility. I complained formally to Capita directly after the assessment for the exceedingly poor report and inexperienced, incompetent Assessor. They exceeded their complaints protocol and the reply was muddled but they stated my allegations could not be disproved as the Assessor could not remember.
I had help from a charitable agency with my MR and sent additional evidence. I was summoned again for a second face to face by Capita in November with no explanation or warning ( other than initial assessment - Not!)
I queried it with Capita, they denied it was them requesting this , passed me back to the DWP who denied it was them . I eventually pinned down a case Manager who checked, it was Capita requesting the second assessment as my GP supporting letter made it clear the first Assessment was incomplete and the HCP at Capita who viewed my additional evidence confirmed this. Communication was poor and I was stuck in the middle of it. So I requested my choice of venue for the second assessment, my local Capita clinic 4 miles away and made it clear I wanted an experienced Assessor preferably a Registered Nurse, Both requests were granted.
4 days before my second assessment Capita telephoned me , it was my actual Assessor concerned for me, had been trying to get me a home assessment without success. I was flabbergasted but played it cool. I was asked to travel 17 miles from home for the first assessment. Apparently my muscle loss automatically qualified me for home visit but they only believed it after seeing it on the GP letter!
I opted to go into clinic as per the planned appointment 4 days later, the Assessor was still concerned was I sure?
I went with trepidation along with husband, we knew what to expect this time. The difference was staggering, this Assessor was kind, empathetic, experienced, knowledgable and professional . She had to pick apart the first report. Much had been omitted the first time. We were there for 90 minutes. It was intimated I was not to worry and she wished me well. This has restored my faith in the system somewhat and proves it is worth making a formal complaint if you have good grounds to do so. Thanks for your advice to complain and for the excellent guides which makes horrible form filling in a tad more doable. The forms are so daunting and easily misleading.
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DLA to PIP success at MR 1 year 11 months ago #241575

Hi Gillybean

Congratulations on your enhanced PIP award especially after having to endure two assessments and one incompetent assessor. Well done for persevering. So glad you had a good assessor on the second attempt - (it's hard sometimes to think there are some good ones out there!).


The following user(s) said Thank You: Gillybean, malli
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DLA to PIP success at MR 1 year 11 months ago #241605

Thanks to the moderators, especially Gordon whom advised me to complain directly to Capita. I am not sure I would have gone ahead with it, he gave me the confidence and impetus to take it forward.
These large Corporations are daunting and I assumed they would not take any notice. Their response was poor, I had in total 5 letters from them, 2 were contradictory plus the lack of continuity between correspondence made them look very incompetent and they exceeded their own time protocols for formal complaints!
However I guessed they knew when I was onto them after the Assessor in question flatly denied one allegation ( I had a witness with me) and could not remember anything else, the worst form of defence and effectively an admission of guilt. This also proved the Assessors dishonesty which was self evident from the exceedingly badly written report. My comments are being sent to the Assessors Line Manager.
They stated they did not disbelieve me but could not prove or disprove either way due to the Assessors memory but apologised for any distress caused.
So I would encourage anyone to formally complain if you have good grounds to do so and I believe the more people who do so the more chance for change.

Many thanks again and I wish all @ Benefits & Work a Joyous but Peaceful Christmas and Happy Prosperous New Year.

DLA to PIP success at MR 1 year 11 months ago #241614

Hi Gillybean

A Happy Christmas and peaceful New Year to you too!

The following user(s) said Thank You: Gillybean
Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems
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