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TOPIC: Advice needed please

Advice needed please 6 days 13 hours ago #246241

I am as I have written before my son’s Appointee. I am waiting for a tribunal date, my son struggles on one crutch since being given a replacement ankle 2 years ago after 14 operations on his ankle. He was given 0 points on mobility and 2 on the other. My husband had been driving him to jobs to survey boilers in people homes. My husband is 71 , this was until I fell and broke my hip, needing a hip replacement. Our son had to move in with us because I could not get down to his home to cook and clean for him whilst my husband drove him around . Now as we are both over 70 with health problems, he is living with us and can’t be taken by his dad forcing him to isolate with us. The point is he is a key worker so Boris has said as he is self employed with plumbers working for him. He would be able to drive himself if he had a mobility car with paddles on the steering wheel. I am so worried because he has a home of his own with bills. We are running out of our savings, we have always helped him as he has never claimed benefits. Don’t know what to do.

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Advice needed please 6 days 11 hours ago #246266

Hi Ursula

I am sorry, there is nothing I can say that is helpful in these circumstances. You are waiting for your tribunal date and goodness knows when that will happen and he cannot get a motorbility car without the higher award for PIP. No one knows when the money is going to come through from the government for the self-employed, but it's unlikely to be before the middle of April at the earliest.

All he can do at the current time is see if he is entitled to any benefits - though accessing any might be a challenge even if he is eligible. www.gov.uk/benefits-calculators


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