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TOPIC: Transfer DLA to PIP

Transfer DLA to PIP 2 months 1 week ago #246281

After following the guides and guidance i have completed my PIP submission. As i choose to
give detailed information the submissions for each applicable descriptor is 2 pages long. My concern is the length of submissions and repeating of medical conditions for each descriptor
ie sight and renal. I am concerned that the officer in charge may not consider all of my
submission and i may be doing injustice to myself.
a) i could shorten by just stating medical conditions at the end ie extra information section but if i do that i am not strictly following the guide.
Please suggest . Also i did speak to DWP and got submission date extended (verbally) on the baisis that i am in the high risk group and socially in isolation for 3 months and there was no way i could photocopy and submit on time unless i got help. They were reluctant but verbally extended deadline. Should i pursue letter or accept verbal confirmation.

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Transfer DLA to PIP 2 months 1 week ago #246291


I would encourage you to see if you can explain your problems more briefly but not at the expense of the content, I usually find that the second draft of my answer is a third smaller than the first.

If the deadline has been extended on the phone then you should feel able to return the form by the new date but I would include a note in the Other Information or a covering letter that an extension was given.


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