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TOPIC: ESA50 (review) - tactics?

ESA50 (review) - tactics? 6 days 9 hours ago #246292

It's a while since I've looked in but, unfortunately, I need some advice.

Long term ESA; last review less than a year ago. No material change in health conditions, nor was there any realistic likelihood of improvement within a year. ESA50 received today (25th Mar), issued on 23rd - after the DWP supposedly suspended reviews and F-F assessments.

Does anyone have any helpful thoughts on whether it's best to delay the review or try to use the current situation to my advantage with the intention of getting the review done now, hopefully without a face to face?

It's tempting to use the current Coronavirus situation to delay dealing with it but that merely delays the inevitable later this year. So, it crossed my mind that if I can get the ESA50 back pronto (notwithstanding the lockdown rules), what is the likelihood of avoiding a face to face? I won't be providing a telephone number (normal for me due to distress / stress) so if Maximus need any further info, it would have to be a paper request.

For info, my aversion to the F-F assessments is a consequence of repeated past experiences of outright dishonesty, incompetence and deceit. The stress, anxiety and distress these reviews cause is huge, hence the chance to avoid a F-F will be gratefully seized.

As an aside, in the context of the effects of the review processes, B&W may like to be aware that serious consideration is being given to seeking a Judicial Review against the DWP on the basis that the processes in their current form have such a damaging effect, the processes are unlawful. I won't expand further at this time but I really have reached the point where this abuse (and that is what it is) has to stop.

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ESA50 (review) - tactics? 6 days 8 hours ago #246296


The letter will have been sent before the suspension was put in place.

Unless the DWP state otherwise in writing you must complete and return the ESA50 and again unless it is stated in writing you must return it by the required date.

There were already significant delays to the ESA assessment process, members have reported wait times of more than six months.

Whilst there is still some confusion about whether telephone or Paper assessments will still be done for reviews that were already in-flight when the suspension came into force, new reviews will not be assessed for at least three months.

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