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TOPIC: Pip review forms

Pip review forms 5 days 11 hours ago #246372

I have just received a letter from DWP telling me I need to send in a form and documents by the 11th April for PiP review.

I am unable to get all the forms and documents together because all the usual support I have to get these things done are all unavailable at the moment (Corona Virus lockdown).

The form advises me that I can ask for an extension over the phone. However calling this number gets a recorded message informing that I cannot talk to an agent about this at this time. I am also advised that forms and documents will recieve extra time and not to worry.

This is all so vague, and if there is one thing I have learned over the years in my dealings with the DWP is that where there is vaguery there is a big chance that everything will go to sh*t and the DWP will use that vagery to wash thier hands of any errors (advise, forms lost, rules not followed).

I really need my hand held as I go through the PiP proccess again, and as this is the first step I would like to feel confident that information being given to me by the DWP robo-agent is correct.

Can I expect to be given an extension automatically ? If so how long do I get ?

Thanks, Dom

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Pip review forms 5 days 10 hours ago #246383


I'm afraid you need to wait on the phone until you can speak to a call handler, this could be a long time, calling at 8 am may be easier.

We have seen mixed results with members calling the PIP Helpline for an extension over the last couple of days, a few have been told that the normal rules apply and have only been able to secure a two week extension others have been given an additional extension without having to ask and told that they can have additional time if they need it.


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