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TOPIC: Mandatory reconsideration evidence ?

Mandatory reconsideration vidence ? 4 days 23 hours ago #246428

Hi everyone ,I hope you are all well. I just received my pip result and although received standard daily living this time I was given 0 points for planning and following a route. I have asked my clinical psychologist for a support letter ,stating that due to my anxiety and PTSD, i am unable to undertake any journey without someone I know with me as it would cause real psychological distress for me including feeling disorientated .
My question is, should I include this as evidence along with my mandatory reconsideration form ? Or would it be best for me to hold back with the support letter in case I have to take it to an appeal .thank you so much

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Mandatory reconsideration vidence ? 4 days 15 hours ago #246430

Hi guillermo

If you have the letter, you should include it with your Mandatory Reconsideration. Without the letter, you have far less chance of success in getting them to change their minds.


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Mandatory reconsideration evidence ? 3 days 23 hours ago #246474

Thank you so much. My psychologist is back from annual leave on Tuesday, he should get the email requesting support letter then . I'll include it with the mandatory reconsideration.

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