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DLA to PIP chomping at the bit! 1 year 6 months ago #247856

Yesterday I received my assessors report, full of inaccuracies and contradictions but scoring me 13 points for daily living, and 12 for mobility, brilliant news assuming that the DWP will act on the report and make an award in line with the points proposed by the assessor, and in no small part due to the advice, information and support offered here. Thank you!

Me being me, I still have a bundle of questions.........assuming I receive an award, at what point does the DLA change to PIP? In February I received the usual letter making me aware that rates were changing and confirming ongoing entitlement to DLA u until June of this year (due to end last year but it's taken this long to sort it). I have a feeling that you are going to say June but that doesn't seem fair as if I failed they would stop paying DLA before June.

My second question is to ask, again assuming I am awarded the enhanced rate of mobility, would I be paid the difference between my current low mobility and the enhanced rate as a backdated payment from the point of PIP application?

And finally, how likely is it that the final rate of PIP will be as assessed ?

DLA to PIP chomping at the bit! 1 year 6 months ago #247861

Hi Sallyb

Date of award : If you get a decision to award PIP, entitlement to DLA ends four weeks after the next DLA pay day and the PIP award will begin on the following day. So if the decision is just after your pay day, the PIP award may not start for almost 8 weeks. Unfortunately, this will be the case even if the PIP award has resulted in an increase in your entitlement (unless you asked for your claim to be re-assessed under special rules for terminal illness.

If your PIP claim is turned down, DLA entitlement will still run on for four weeks after your next DLA pay day. (PIP(TP) Regs, reg17).

I am not sure about your last question, if you are saying how likely is it that decision makers will follow the assessors recommendation, I cannot tell you as it will depend on the information they have received in assessing your claim.

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