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TOPIC: extra evidence for mandatory re consideration

extra evidence for mandatory re consideration 1 week 7 hours ago #248016

I have been helping my niece with her application transferring her from DLA to PIP. She has Asperger’s syndrome PTSD which prevents her travelling in a car and serious issues with anxiety and depression. On the form I followed your guide and sent in loads of evidence from a day to day living pattern to psychotherapists and psychologists letters. We just got the result 0 points! All based on how she was at the assessment ( most of which Is inaccurate and half truths about what she said , I know I was there!) . The evidence is completely ignored. I am going to appeal on her behalf , but I know you have to send additional evidence. The trouble is I sent every bit of evidence I could already, what else can I send ? Any help welcomed!

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extra evidence for mandatory re consideration 1 week 6 hours ago #248018

Hi Jacky, unfortunately what you have gone through is quite normal and happens frequently.

The first stage to challenging a Decision is for you to request a Mandatory Reconsideration, this needs to be done in writing to the DWP, within one month of the Decision, to the office that dealt with your claim, have a look at our PIP MR & Appeal guide for details of the process, the PIP area also has template letters that you can use to make the request with.


You should contact the DWP for a copy of the assessment report ( if you have not already done so, I would phone them but again follow up the request in writing. Once you have the assessment report you will have a better understanding of how the DWP Decision Maker has come to their conclusions and will then be able to argue against them.

PIP is different from how DLA was awarded.

PIP was engineered to be a more difficult to award than DLA, many DLA claimants will receive vastly reduced awards or even no award at all on transfer.

DLA looks at generic care needs in regard to bodily functions, PIP looks at the claimants specific ability to carry out an activity such as eating. DLA was awarded because the claimant needed an amount of care (in time) during the day, the night of both, to help them with that bodily function. PIP looks at the claimant's ability to complete specific tasks within the activity and is points-based, these are clearly defined and it is easy not to score points because the claimant has not shown that they meet those specific criteria.

DLA treated the use of aids as a reason to reduce the amount of care needed, PIP treats aids as an indication of disability and in general they score extra points.

DLA's care need was reasonably generic, PIP treats prompting, assistance and supervision as different activities and as a result, they can score different points.

DLA required that the care was required for the majority of the time, for PIP it is the majority of days.

For PIP activities must be completed reliably, this means

• Safely – in a fashion that is unlikely to cause harm to themselves or to another person.
• To a necessary and appropriate standard – given the nature of the activity.
• Repeatedly – as often as is reasonably required.
• In a timely manner – in a reasonable time period.

Although DLA considers these terms, they are poorly defined as they are implemented through Case Law rather than being defined in the legislation as they are for PIP.

Referring to any more recent evidence you have is more useful.

Your primary task is to show that you meet the criteria, there are many reasons you may have failed, you need to address each of these but don't get bogged down in criticising the assessment report unless you can clearly show that it is incorrect, it is a lot easier to argue the facts of the situation;

"the assessor recorded that I walked 50m, I did but they have failed to document that I had to stop every 10m for a rest due to breathlessness"

than their opinions

"based on my observations of the claimant walking I believe that they can reliably walk more than 200m.

When you have a better idea of the issues with your claim, come back to the forum and we will do our best to help.

What you have to remember is that DLA descriptors are different to PIP, PIP is a lot more stricter
especially mobility component.

You do not need additional medical support documents to request a mandatory reconsideration but you will need a copy of the assessors report.


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Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems

extra evidence for mandatory re consideration 6 days 21 hours ago #248023

Hi Jacky

It really does feel unfair when evidence from medical professionals specifically trained in that area of expertise is ignored in favour of an hours worth of assumptions and copied and pasted paragraphs by an assessor who can't possibly understand or recognise a claimants difficulties. It doesn't make any sense and its now your job to prove that. Plod on and get the award your niece deserves. Good luck.

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Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems
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