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TOPIC: PIP Awards extended for six months

PIP Awards extended for six months 2 weeks 1 hour ago #248042

Hi I hope your all well.
In the email sent out today it said that fixed-term, short awards, but we have now addressed that, and those claimants will continue to get an automatic six months’ extension if it is due in the next three months. Does this meen all PIP claimanits that are due to end with in the next three months are extended? I'm confused as I was told mine was extended for one month? Just wondering if anyone can advise before I give them a call please? Thank you. Kind regards,

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PIP Awards extended for six months 1 week 6 days ago #248053


We are relaying what the responsible Minister and the DWP are saying, this is a process change by the DWP, not a legislative one so there is no way to hold them to account other than via your MP.

It's not entirely clear when the three months run from but the latest date would seem to be 23 April although it could have started before then, what will happen at the end of July we don't know and probably won't until mid-July.

I would double-check whether yours was extended for only a month, whilst it is not impossible it does seem very unlikely given that assessment processes were suspended for three months.


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