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TOPIC: PIP extra evidence for MR

PIP extra evidence for MR 3 days 18 hours ago #248117

Hi, I've written the main body of my MR letter which picks apart the assessors report and the decisions they came to etc.

I don't have much additional information I can give but I do have some GP consultations that I could add. There's one from '17, '18 and '19.

Mostly they are fine but there's wording in there that might be misunderstood and also things the GP got wrong-she said "tries to go to Pilates" when what I actually said was "I would try Pilates as it had been recommended but I can't because of my M.E."

How do I deal with this sort of thing? Can I do a print out and black out sentences? Or just leave them and annotate them?

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PIP extra evidence for MR 3 days 17 hours ago #248121

Hi Cazza

Never, ever send in something that can be misinterpreted, because it undoubtedly will be. I was once helping someone with an ESA claim where a social worker had written in a letter 'they are not fit to work at the moment." As the person was never going to be fit to work, I advised against using the letter because I thought the claimant could find themselves being assessed more frequently.

I think the example you give is clearly open to interpretation and it would be easy for someone to assume that you do indeed go to Pilates even if you refute it. It also will open up questions about how debilitating your ME is.

Yes you can always blank things out, but obviously this leads the reader curious to what is missing - particularly if you don't explain it. You will have to make a judgment call on this one. Don't annotate - someone is likely to ignore it or focus on the original wording.

You don't have to send additional evidence, so only send what is useful.


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